Shatonia Amee’s story is a tale of staying tried and true to your dreams!

We had the opportunity to speak with the very talented Shatonia Amee. She divulged her secrets about how to fashionably craft each outfit, making sure each piece is dynamically placed. In this riveting interview, find out what is really required when styling fashion!

What sparked your interest in fashion and styling?

My mother had a big influence on me when it came to opening my eyes to the fashion world. I remember as a little girl dying to watch Dynasty with my mother, just to see what Alexis Carrington was going to be wearing. From then on, the fire sparked, and I fell in love with fashion.

One day I was watching the movie, Belly and saw in the credits that June Ambrose was the wardrobe stylist. This is when I knew styling was what I wanted to do.

What’s the process creating one of your iconic looks?

The process consists of a lot of moving parts and it varies from project to project.

Step One: Research. You have to look for designers that are the perfect fit for the theme or client.

Step Two: Reach out. You have to e-mail tons of designers, boutiques, and showrooms to set up appointments, to stop in to pull clothing.

Step Three: Appointments are the hardest part because you have to run all over town picking out clothes. Clients love to book you last minute, so you are usually pressed for time.

Step Four: Fittings, depending upon the project are a must, especially for personal celebrity projects. Often, time is of the essence, so pick-ups and fittings happen at the same time.


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