She’s a young entrepreneur on the rise! You may have noticed her on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, has Shawniece Jackson found love? Though she hasn’t had much luck finding a man to settle down with her, she put all her marbles in a bag when trusting the experts at Married at First Sight to find her husband, Jephte Pierre. We sat down with Shawniece who dishes on her experience and how life has been after the show.

Do you mind telling us a little about yourself and how you ended up on the show, Married at First Sight?

Well, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Boston. I’m a hair stylist and I started my own beauty image consulting brand called, Shawniece Styles. I think being myself and staying true to myself is why I got picked to be on the show. The dating in New England was a struggle (laughs) When I first heard that Married at First Sight was coming, I knew I wanted to apply.

Do you mind sharing your experience on the show? What do you believe the show has taught you?

The show has really taught me self-awareness, inner strength, and self development. As much as you’re getting married to a stranger, you’re learning so much about yourself too. You have to take someone else into consideration. There’s a bunch you can say to show who you are but dealing with someone that doesn’t know you, you have to communicate and be strong. Knowing who you are is important. I definitely learned how to communicate better.

Obviously being on television, you’re bound to receive criticism. How do you handle the negative comments you may receive online or in-person?

Sometimes when I read the comments, I kind of just laugh to myself. I just know that they don’t know me or what it’s like being married at first sight. They don’t know my struggles or my challenges. They only know the little bit that they see on television, just a glimpse. I try not to read too much but when I do, I try not to worry about it because people are going to think what they want to think because they truly don’t know me. If someone says something to me in person and asks about it, I tell them that it’s just like any other marriage. It’s the struggles and tribulations that you go through in a regular marriage. The only real difference is that it’s a bit more challenging because you’re marrying a stranger so you have a bit more homework to do.

“Being married at first sight, you definitely have to
mentally prepare yourself. Don’t go on there with
your expectations high, just go in with an open
mind and heart. Ultimately, find balance.”
-Shawniece Jackson

Do you mind sharing what it is like being married to a stranger?

Being married to a stranger is challenging but it’s also rewarding. I say it’s challenging because you don’t know each other. Like I said before, you have all the same struggles that you would have in any other relationship or marriage but marrying a stranger and not knowing each other just brings it up a notch. It’s more trying to get to know each other and you bump heads a little bit. The rewarding part is that you get everything you want. Obviously if you applied to be on Married at First Sight, you want to be married, you want the companionship, and someone to share life with. Yes, you’re marrying a stranger but you’re also taking it day by day.

Can you tell us more about the business aspect of your life? What inspired you to design wigs?

So the wigs, YSS Wigs really started from my Yes Shawniece Styles brand. It is an image beauty consulting brand. As a cosmetologist, I always want to inspire women to enhance their natural beauty. Whether it’s changing your makeup or hairstyle, that’s what I want to be able to promote. So, I was going on photoshoots and I was wardrobe styling and doing hair, I had a lot of people asking me questions about wigs while on set so it’s like it is it’s own business in itself.

What can we expect next for Shawniece?

So, right now I’m working on building my website and doing small creative building. I’m taking care of myself and enjoying all the challenges that I’ve learned by being Married at First. I’m really focused on my happiness, my business, and my career. Just expect to see me building my career in the future.


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