Shea Yeleen is a beauty care line that focuses using natural ingredients such as shea butter to create holistic self care regimens for all ages.  Her business has supplied women in West Africa a more substantial living wage of nearly 5 times the average daily wage so they can obtain financial independence, access to health insurance, and be in a position to provide for their families. The Founder, Rahama Wright, a first generation Ghanaian-American has created a platform for women in West Africa and America to innovate, create, market, package, and deliver natural beauty products. Her natural based products have received rave reviews for using unrefined shea butter and other natural essential oils.

How did the inception of Shea Yeleen begin? 

I actually am an accidental entrepreneur so I did not intentionally pursue the beauty industry. It happened when I was living and working in West Africa as a Peace Corp volunteer. I was seeing a lot of issues surrounding shea butter producers in West Africa and that gave me this idea to create a shea butter skincare line that could address local economic concerns especially for women. Actually I was on my way to work for the government and it was after this experience when I kind of made a switch.

What type of products does Shea Yeleen offer?

Initially, I wasn’t looking too much into the beauty side but more focused on the community economic development side. It wasn’t until I started to seeing that in order for these women to make money I had to have a retail product. So I decided to focus more on the beauty side and I launched that in 2012. Initially, I was focused on only selling nicely packaged raw shea butter and then after receiving some customer feedback I decided to add more options. I always say “not all shea butter is created equal” because we have yellow, grey, and brown colors. I decided to have high quality shea and create creams out of it. So we have entire 12 piece product line across 4 different categories. So now we have new products sold at MGM National Harbor which includes 5 different body polishes, creams, and balm scents.

What ways can Shea Yeleen shea butter be used? 

Shea butter in its purest form is absolutely amazing for eczema and really dry skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and essential fatty acids for hair as well as skin. I always say, “If you have skin you should be using shea butter”. You can use it in your hair to lock in moisture and we have created a cream for your skin or hair. We also recommend using our lip balm before applying your lipstick to keep your lips moisturized.

What’s next for you in 2017?

I’m was featured on series on Centric TV called “Queen Bosses” which is all Black women entrepreneurs talking about their different businesses and you get to see us competing against one another. For the company itself we are focusing on growing our business with MGM National Harbor Resorts and increasing our distribution. We are looking at other luxury places as well to feature our products and eventually I would like to partner with influencers who have an engaged audience.

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