Reimagine what your daily routine can be with products that take care of your body and the environment.

Cheers to recycling those products that may have served well in the past, but that you’re pushing aside, since you’ve decided to choose some new ones, which are not only good for you, but have a message behind them. Now that we are greeting 2020 with open arms, we understand the importance of health and putting “…Our money where our mouth is,” and backing brands that back good things! The brands we’re highlighting are showing up to do revolutionary work within local communities and the world and can be easily found right on Instagram!

The Gentle Label

This brand is designed specifically gentle for all ages and skin types! Maybe even better, The Gentle Label promises to create fewer products, using only the most necessary ingredients, to cut down on waste and clutter, while also providing insight into the ingredients they use and the ones they avoid.

Instagram: @thegentlelabel



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