The culminating weekend for Chapman Foundation and SHEEN Magazine “HBCU Tour” concludes with a big bang at the Magic City Classic in Birmingham, Alabama driving a platinum series exclusive Ford Explorer 2017.  We give this vehicle a thumbs up on the performance being beyond our wildest imagination. It is evident this vehicle is made for the millennial mind and the one who has to multi-task while driving.


The Ford Explorer 2017 arrival on site for drop-off was breath taking to visualize this sporty and sleek vehicle approaching. Then to open the door to leather embroidered platinum seats smelling like brand new money. The weekend was sure to be one of a kind.


Instantly downloaded “FordPass” and the vehicle instantly sync with cell phone to drive hand free and eyes off the phone. Any text message, phone call, navigation, music of choice and more was available at the command of your voice. Yes, Siri was ready for voice instructions.



On the interstate the ride was smooth and therapeutic. The seats heat up or cool down. The vehicle ensure the driver is alert at all times with an alert buzzer if a vehicle stop abruptly in front, alert message to remind driver to get rest or cup of coffee (If the vehicle sense driver may be tired), visual display of vehicle in between driving lanes on dashboard (If driver venture onto one of the lines the vehicle will steer back to the center of the lane). Absolutely, the Ford Explorer 2017 is a smart car.

Plus, reverse (backing up) is made easy using video display and digital lines of instructions to ensure path is clear and sensors around the vehicle to alert when object is close. One thing is for sure, the Ford Explorer 2017 platinum series ease the mind of the driver to feel extremely safe.


Editor In Chief Sammi Haynes

Why SHEEN loves this car:

  • Excellent gas mileage
  • User friendly Sync and cell phone access
  • Plush comfortable seats
  • Driver alert notifications
  • Back seat easily let up with the push of one button
  • Voice Command
  • Open roof top
  • Keyless start
  • Not an overly huge car
  • Reduce car accidents
  • Extremely comfortable for up to 7ppl plus luggage to travel


“This car is simply amazing! I can drive, monitor emails, accept phone calls and more without missing a beat.  The Ford Explorer assures driver is alert and literally does the unthinkable” says, Sammi Haynes, Editor-In-Chief


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