“I started TLCBD with a desire to help women deal with aging and the effects of the environment on their skin, but soon I realized we needed to be looking at beauty and health from the inside out.”  

– Tionne Watkins

With more than 25 years in the game; Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Author, Executive Producer and now Beauty Boss Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins continues to push the envelope and make unparallel marks in her career. Despite all the changes and focus on inclusivity that several beauty brands have made to create and provide diversified ranges of shades for all skin tones, the industry remains deficit for a supply of beauty products that focus on making it’s consumer both look and feel radiant internally. However, Watkins is changing that. As a Sickle Cell fighter, she understands the demand for an essential product such as TLCBD.

 “I started TLCBD with a desire to help women deal with aging and the effects of the environment on their skin, but soon I realized we needed to be looking at beauty and health from the inside out,” says Watkins. 

TLCBD is a CBD-Infused Beauty and Wellness line that features beauty products and health products, that work to renew and revitalize the cells in our bodies; it even offers CBD treatments for pets. The beauty line includes CBD infused hydrating beauty serums, face creams, and lip balms. The wellness line includes pain relief balms, oral tinctures, and gummies with high-quality CBD. And of course for all the pet lovers out there, The “Unpretty” singer, created a special line just for your fur-baby that focuses and helps with various conditions, including arthritis, skin conditions and anxiety. Sheen Magazine had a chance to catch up with the Grammy-Award winning singer to discuss the launching of her new beauty and wellness line; TLCBD, the benefits of her top of the line products, why she chose to keep it female-operated and what her fans can expect from her in 2020. Check it out below in this Sheen Exclusive!

CBD oil has been known as a popular alternative treatment for social anxiety. Is TLCBD something you highly recommend for introverts or individuals who struggle with public speaking? What about infants or users who suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD)? 

It definitely helps with individuals who struggle with public speaking or social anxiety. It’s funny because when I first started the line I was thinking how it could help my sickle cell, honestly. However, one of our first customers, Vicky was really afraid to speak in front of people or crowds and was just really shy but now since using TLCBD she’s more social and comfortable speaking in front of people. Surprisingly, I myself was someone who was afraid to talk in front of crowds but now I find myself more comfortable and relaxed when speaking. I absolutely recommend TLCBD for infants and individuals who suffer from RSD. My mother and daughter both have Lupus and using the products have done wonders for them. I personally use the topic balm, that’s the one I absolutely love! I have a torn meniscus so the balm helps with the pain and swelling.

On the website, you mention the positive impact TLCBD has had on your personal wellness from having Sickle Cell to returning home after tour life. Can you explain how soon you noticed the changes from your mood, to taking control of your sickle cell and/or any pain-killing properties that declined significantly?

I noticed a difference within the first two months. Anything organic or holistic simply takes time for your body to get used to. We’ve had some customers say they noticed a huge difference in the first two weeks and some say three months. So, I would say to anyone that wants to use TLCBD that it may take two weeks or up to three months to see some positive changes but you will definitely see some improvement.

How important was it for you to keep TLCBD not only created by a team of the top scientific experts, but female-operated?

Awe, I’m in heaven about it! It was very important to me. I’m tired of people always saying it’s a ‘Man’s World’. Well, guess what? We are here! I love strong women and the chemists Mary and Jen are both my partners. I wanted to be surrounded by strong, ambitious women who sincerely care about the well being of others. I didn’t want to do anything synthetic. TLCBD is a great, natural product and all created by a team of female experts!

With the mission of TLCBD to overall enhance the wellness of it’s users and give back to women and pets in need; has TLCBD partnered with or plan to team up with any wellness organizations, pet-friendly charities or cruelty-free programs in the future?

Absolutely. Anything I do, I give back to sickle cell research and animal rescue. I’m partners with individuals who love animals so yes we definitely give back. The Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue is one of the organizations we give back to. One thing I can personally testify about; is my dog Bailey of 13 years. Bailey was suffering from heart congestive failure and I remember the pet hospital informing me that my dog would not live too long. However, I began using CBD oil as a treatment for Bailey and before you know it, I went from preparing to put my dog to sleep to Bailey walking into his check up appointments wagging his tail, drinking water and full of life. I nursed my dog back to good health and Bailey lived exactly 1 year and 9 months past what the doctors originally said. He was fighting, so I was going to fight with him. When I was first diagnosed with sickle cell, doctors told me I wouldn’t live past 45, I’ll be 50 in April. I’m not going to be the face of something I don’t believe in. I’m in this fight myself, I want all my TLCBD users to know we’re in this fight together!

In FAQ, the website mentions although the products contain CBD Oil/Hemp Oil which is legal in most countries in the world as long as it contains low or in some countries untraceable concentrations of the molecule THC. However, TLCBD is currently unable to offer international shipping? Do you recommend users travel internationally with their TLCBD products? If so, should they have a physician approval note on hand as well?

I personally carry a doctor’s note with me regardless when I travel. I believe it’s the smartest way. Many people when they hear CBD they’re automatically turned off. However, my products are not drugs and do not get you high. I think it’s important for everyone to be open and educate themselves on CBD and its benefits. So, yes I do recommend carrying a doctor’s note when traveling, just to be safe.

Do you have any friends or family that have used TLCBD? If so, what have been their results?

Yes I do. My daughter has lupus and in the beginning of her diagnosis we started her on TLCBD. My mother has breast cancer, so she’s in her second month of consistently using TLCBD and her results have been amazing. My mother has been healing in the right amount of time, cooking and just getting back to herself. Also, my cousin suffers from Lymphedema and for the past decade had to use a scooter to get around. However, since using TLCBD she’s now able to walk and take her children to school. I love my products because they really work. It’s been a blessing. Every Tuesday, I do Testimonial Tuesdays where users can view the testimonies and results of otherTLCBD users.

In what ways do you feel like using TLCBD as a young artist in the beginning of your TLC career, would have been beneficial on your body and voice?

Touring is hard period, I’m not going to lie. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. When you’re on tour, you want to be home and when you’re home, you want to be on tour. Just to put on a show, I have to use an oxygen machine before and after the show just so my blood cells stay oxygenated. However, how we route the show is better now, it’s a healthier lifestyle. An individual can be completely healthy but die from stress and this industry can be very stressful. It’s important to manage your life in a different and healthy way and still be successful. I’ve learned how to take better care of myself. Before it was like the blind leading the blind. (she says laughingly) Nowadays, if my meniscus is bothering me, I know to rub the balm on it. That’s the difference now because knowledge is power. Health is wealth and knowledge is power!

What can your fans expect from Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins and TLCBD in 2020?

My fans can expect to see a lot of me and the TLCBD line. The support of the fans and to hear how it’s been helping and changing their lives has been wonderful. Their support is amazing and I love the fact that they trust me! My fans can expect more projects from me. TLC will be touring all year in 2020. I will be doing more behind the scenes in television and film. I will be writing scripts. I want anything, I do on camera to make sense. I have new goals and new dreams, so my fans can expect all of that from me in 2020!

“One of my goals is to dispel myths, educate and provide accurate information about CBD.  I think CBD is wonderful and it changed my life. I want to break through the lies, misconceptions and the bad products and bring trust, education and quality CBD products to everyone.” – Tionne Watkins

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