Musician, actress, and activist Amara La Negra celebrates the release of her new EP “Unstoppable” with a party hosted by SKYY Vodka in Los Angeles.  During an exclusive interview, Amara La Negra told us about her new boo which she recently went public with this week via social media. She also tells us about all her future and current projects and let’s just say sis is securing all the bags. SKYY Vodka is partnering Amara la Negra, for its “Proudly American” campaign.

Launched earlier this year, “Proudly American” celebrates the evolution of the traditional American values on which the country was founded, and what they mean to today’s optimistic citizens. The campaign juxtaposes iconic phrases from American histories, such as “Home of the Brave,” with powerful, vivid imagery featuring people who shine brightly in the face of adversity, celebrate diversity and are proud to inspire today’s articulation of being American. The campaign reflects SKYY’s core beliefs which stem from the brand’s San Francisco roots – celebrating a new, diverse and progressive society.

We all know that once in a blue moon the Love & Hip Hop franchise produces a superstar like K Michelle and Cardi B. We believe Amara is that next big break out superstar from the franchise because of all her recent success. Which she discusses going back and forth on deciding if she should leave or stay with the franchise.

Check out the full interview below:

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