Purchasing a new home can already be emotional for many buyers but when the seller is so attached to the home that he never leaves and starts terrorizing the new owners, the situation can quickly become petrifying. This was the case for the young married couple Scott and Annie, played by Michael Ealy and Meagan Good, in the psychological thriller Intruder, directed by Deon Taylor. Veteran actor Dennis Quaid plays the bloodcurdling seller, who turns from a pest to an outright assailant. The movie will be in theatres May 3.

In an inclusive Sheen Magazine interview, Ealy and Taylor both explained what attracted them to the project, the best parts of working with each other and what makes the movie different from what fans have become used to for Ealy who typically plays the handsome ladies’ man and bad boy roles in movies such as Think Like a Man, Perfect Guy, Barber Shop, For Colored Girls and About Last Night.

Deon Taylor

What draws you to the thriller genre?

What I love about the genre is as a filmmaker I’m self-taught as a director and one of the things I did early was a horror movie. What it does is makes you exercise every muscle creatively that you have. You’re trying to make someone laugh, you’re trying to tell a story. Do you know what I mean? You’re trying to get a jump. It’s just so much that you have to do. It’s really something that I draw to it. I like it. I want it. It’s the most fun genre of film to do. And this one was especially exciting for me because I just love the energy of taking the culture of Mike and Meagan and then bringing in the iconic movie star Dennis Quaid. Having the opportunity to play with them was like “this is the next level.”

How were able to get together such an amazing cast?

It’s been perseverance. We made this film independently. Being able to get Dennis Quaid was done by me writing him a letter and asking him would he please just take a read of the script and possibly have a conversation with me. I was blessed enough for this man to actually read the letter in Hollywood and be like I’m going to call this black dude and have a conversation with him.

Was this the first time Dennis Quaid has ever played a role like this? What was working with him like?

The first time ever. I remember the first time he was on the phone with me. I remember holding the phone down and going “are you kidding me? This is Dennis Quaid on the phone.” It was just a blessing. This guy came to the movie set and the first thing he said to me was “You’re an amazing director and whatever you need me to do, I’m here to do it.” A legend man. It inspires you and it motivates you. Often times that’s all we need as a people is someone who says I believe in what you’re trying to do let’s get it.

You come from a background in marketing and as a basketball player and transitioned into film making. What advice for aspiring directors?

Simply Believe in yourself. A lot of people say that but I don’t think a lot of people really understand that. You have to almost be crazy. You almost have to be Charlie Peck. There were times because I had stopped playing ball and the checks ran out and there was no money so there were times when I was coming to LA and laying on people’s floors. I remember being like I just want to take this meeting because this guy says he wants to meet with me about my movie and that meeting is at 2 o’clock and at 1 o’clock you hear they canceled it. And you’ve used all your money to get there. Those moments when you’re putting $2 on pump $3. You have to really believe in what you’re doing. You put so much energy into working for other people and so much energy into making sure everyone else is cool but you don’t put a fraction of that energy into pushing forth your dreams. I was crazy enough to believe that I could actually be a writer and a director. I worked myself into the situation and watched a lot of information, read a lot. Watched a lot of “making ofs” and was like I think I want to make films that look like this. I found myself raising my own capitol to make my own movie. I made my own movie and it took me a course of 12 or 13 years to figure out how do you make a movie and sell it. How do you make a movie and own it? How do you make a movie and get it out? Every bit of what I’ve been doing the last 13 years each and every time I take a step it’s a learning experience. It’s something where I can say “oh I got that.” I’m the right person to tell you that you can do whatever you want to do. Just get up and go do it.

Why should people support the film?

If you are a fan of real thrillers. If you really love classics. I think this movie has the potential to be one of those classics. If you loved Get It, if you loved A Quiet Place then you will love The Intruder. The work is there, the talent is there. The performances are there. Dennis Quaid is Award winning in this film.

Second reason is you got to go see this movie because an independent black film company made it. You got to support that. You got to get out and support this because we really did it. We went and made our own film and made it what it is and got it out and I need everybody in the world to support that.

What actor would you love to work with?

I had an opportunity early in my career to work with Mahershala Ali. We worked on a film called ‘Supremacy’ together. We were just two no-name people trying to do something dope and we did something dope. I think this year what I’m going to get ready to do is recapture that relationship and that bond with him because I love Mahershala as an actor but I also love what he represents. We’re both from the Bay area. I just think it would be so fun to remake ‘Blade’ with him.


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The Intruder hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019!

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