“The biggest and greatest thing I ever did was speak up and ask for what it was, I was seeking.”

Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Author, Publicist and Crysalis Founder are all the words to describe Crystal Willis. Hailing from California, Willis’s career spans for more than 15 years in Marketing, A&R,Public Relations, Business Administration, Media Relations and Television Industries. She is the Editor for Hype Magazine and CEO/Senior Publicist of The Omni Firm, a LA based artist development agency; specializing in public relations, digital marketing, full service artist development & production in the entertainment industry. While developing artist, Willis dedicates her time to providing support and resources for women; as well as helping them discover their purpose and enhance self-value through her wellness platform,The Crysalis

As a Survivor, Media Veteran and let’s be honest simply a Boss Chick, Willis continues to elevate and inspire everyone she encounters. Sheen Magazine had a chance to catch up with the media maven to discuss The Crysalis, her career in media and public relations, how she transformed her trauma into triumph, and what we can expect from her in 2020!

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In creating the Crysalis how do you intend on helping others?

By sharing my story and the power it gave me; is why I wanted to create a creative safe space for survivors and women. I want other women to step outside of fear and find their divine worth. With the Crysalis platform, I will be creating a podcast, speaking engagements, mastermind retreats and more! I’m so excited about getting purpose driven women, artists and entrepreneurs all together who have a story to tell. I hope to inspire women to take power and ownership over their trauma with my platform.

In 2011, you wrote your first book can you tell us a little about what all led up to becoming an author?

It had been ten years since I had reached out to anyone for help. For so long I had just been coping with and numbing my pain. I decided to call the 1800-National Sexual Assault Hotline. They are available 24-7 and provide support and resources to survivors no matter when your abuse happened. After reaching out to the hotline and getting the help I needed, it was time to put my story out, to transitional facilities and share my story publicly through more outlets.

Before getting into your profession as a celebrity publicist, what inspired you to create the Crysalis?

It all started with my solo trip to Bali in 2016. I traveled to four different countries in one month. At the time, I was going through a divorce and I needed to figure out what was God’s calling on my life and simply to find myself again. Bali was an opportunity for Me to be with Me again and nurture my soul. What’s interesting is I really had simply took a medical leave from my job and just never returned. I had to take this time to do some soul searching. In Bali it’s a park called the Kemenuh Butterfly Park; which means when a cocoon dissolves a new being is born. It sheds its skin and a butterfly is birthed. That’s what was happening to me, I was being rebirthed.

How has the journey been for you in 2019 with the development of the Crysalis?

Whew! (she exhales and laughs) It’s been a journey to lean into a lot of coaches and mentors, on who I’m here to serve and how I want to serve. I want to focus on private one on one coaching. I want to focus on career-driven women and teach them about personal branding, raising the bar on their worth, confidence, courage and overall self-love.

How did you get into celebrity PR?

After I quit my job in 2016, I took a year to figure out my purpose and how I wanted to serve. I did a lot of couch sitting and literally had hit rock bottom. I had a breakthrough though, I dedicated four months of my life to experience personal development training. I moved to California in 2003 and by 2005 I was working for ESPN in their marketing department. I met a senior publicist for Warner Brother Records at a party one night (she laughs) and I simply asked him if he’d be my mentor and he asked me to be an intern. However, in order for me to be an intern I had to be a student; so I went down to Los Angeles Valley College and signed up for a P.E. class so I could be enrolled as a student, receive student credit and be an intern. I took a step back to make a bigger step forward. At the time, I accepted the internship I was 27 years old, but it didn’t matter because this internship was a step closer to my destiny. I was finally walking in my purpose and within six months I was learning the business of public relations.

Who are all the artists and companies you’ve had the pleasure to work with?

I’ve worked with Jay Rock, Gucci Mane, Demi Lovato, Lee Daniels, and I had the pleasure to work with Zendaya on her debut record, Replay. I also have had the pleasure of working with Snoop Dogg. I’m a cali girl, so that was a dream. Shout out to the West Coast! (she said laughingly) I’ve also worked with the TDE Family and Disney.

What advice would you give to anyone who’s interested in being a media professional or learning and studying the field of public relations?

Like Kendrick Lamar said, “Be Humble”! Be humble and be ready to learn. Ask for mentorship, guidance, help and speak up. The biggest and greatest thing I ever did was speak up and ask for what it was, I was seeking. Look around at the people you surround yourself with and aspire to be like the people who inspire you. Reach out to the individuals who fuel your motivation.

What’s next for Crystal Willis? What can our readers expect from you in 2020?

In 2020, I’m stepping boldly into my purpose in helping women and artists discover their gift and share it with the world. I’ll be releasing my third book, expect a book tour and more speaking engagements. I’ll be providing a platform for artist development through The Omni Firm.

“I am limitless and unstoppable. I attract unlimited abundance and blessings everyday!”

~ Crystal Willis

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