The “Shaft” reboot was recently released with stars like Samuel Jackson, Method Man, Regina Hall, Jessie T. Usher and more. The movie premiered at the American Black Film Festival opening night which the whole cast was also in attendance to watch with fans.

Most reboots usually don’t compare to the original, but this movie was nothing short of greatness from the first one. Between Jackson and Hall comedy relief throughout the movie had the entire audience in laughter the entire night. It was great to see the three generations of Shaft on one screen especially Richard Roundtree being the original Shaft in 1971.

We were able to speak to Method Man and the director Tim Story. Method Man informed us that he wanted to be in the last Shaft that was directed by the late John Singleton, but Busta Rhymes got the role over him back in 2000.

Tim Story spoke to Singleton before making the new Shaft about making it an action comedy. Singleton informed Jackson and Story his excitement to view the remake of Shaft almost twenty years later.

Look at the full interview below: