Under the phenomenal direction of Director Benny Boom, the life of hip-hop legend and rapper Tupac Shakur life is brought to the big screen in All Eyez on Me. One great thing that will come from watching this movie is for all of us Underground fans, we will get to watch the handsome (and very single), super talented Rayan Lawrence from WGN’s Underground play Treach from Naughty by Nature in the film. Before the film’s debut, Sheen Magazine had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Mr. Lawrence about how he was able to step into the character for this role. He let us know just how life changing it actually was.

How did you get into acting?

Well, that is actually a great question. Reason being is because I went in for a modeling position. Got hired for that. Someone noticed me. They thought I would be good for a role. And the rest is history.

The All Eyez on Me film is a big feat, how did that opportunity come along?

I ended up getting a call from casting director, Winsome Sinclair who was very familiar with my work from previous films, [he told] me to come and audition. I went. Auditioned [and] within a couple of weeks I was getting a phone call telling me I had the position.

Talk about pure magic! Did you get a chance to ever speak with Treach?

Actually no. I had to do my research.

So, what did you do to get into the character of Treach?

My heritage is Jamaican. I have a friend that freestyle. So, I said to him “Let me start free styling with you”. So, from there I started to do it every day. This is how I know the position was created for me. I was doing this free styling before the opportunity even came to me.

So, what is up next for you? We know that you are working with KeKe Palmer in PIMP. What’s next?

I just finished up another season of taping of Underground; which by the way has been cancelled. I am confident though that another network will be picking it up. I’m working on a couple of more projects that are still in their developing stage.

Who is Rayan Lawrence at his core?

I am a very down to earth, real person from Brooklyn, NY. I am very laid back. I love my reggae. I can chill with anybody.

Rayan Lawrence is currently stars in the WGN-cancelled series, Underground, but we are confident with a little help from John Legend the series is sure to be picked up by another network. You can also catch him in Pimp opposite Kiki Palmer and rapper DMX.  His other credits include; Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, Blue Bloods, Ironside, and Seasons of Love.   Rayan is from Brooklyn, NY and is of Jamaican decent. All Eyez on Me hits theaters today, June 16th.


Images courtesy of Miles Maker