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If you’ve never visited Elizabeth Mae Beauty on Instagram, you’re definitely going to be in for a treat when you do. The black-owned company established in 2016 is the brainchild of renowned makeup artist and aesthetician, Mauria Smith. The brand focuses on deluxe skincare and lip products.

Her goal is simple: to create a collection of timeless beauty products.

“I wanted to be sure I was on trend with what’s current in the beauty
industry and provide people with what they’d enjoy using and wearing, but I
also didn’t want to be a brand that was so trendy that when the new “thing”
comes along the relevance of what I offered would fade.”

Her top of the line products include face-firming serums, anti-aging creams and a mixture of lippies from matte lipstick to lip gloss; all of which are packed beautifully in black sleek and glass-like packaging for a luxurious experience.

As a beauty expert, she notes the social media app is a double-sided sword in the fact that it provides connections to new clients and beauty enthusiasts around the world while also encouraging makeup techniques that aren’t realistic for the everyday woman.

“Some of the techniques, products and overall makeup looks being
created and shared via Instagram and other social media outlets are
appropriate and wearable for day to day activities. Most of them are NOT!”
– Mauria Smith

Here are three tips products Smith says every woman should know in order to achieve an everyday look that’s simple, yet flawless.

First, lightly apply your most cherished concealer underneath the eyes with your ring finger or a small, round, fluffy brush until it’s smoothly blended. You may even want to try adding a bit to the eyelids to brighten up and awaken the entire eye area for a more youthful look.


Apply one to two coats of mascara to enhance the eyelashes. This adds dimension and character to the eyes and can even intensify the eyes’ color.

Lipstick and/or Lip gloss
Now, onto the lips: simply apply your favorite, go-to lipstick or lip gloss. Try going for that one specific color that doesn’t necessarily need any other products such as liners or another lipstick in order for it to look phenomenal. Place a gloss or lipstick in your makeup bag that you can literally put on and GO!

Makeup doesn’t have to be challenging, more often the mantra “less is more” applies. Smith also notes the secret to flawless makeup is the skin underneath so it’s vital that you cleanse and properly moisturize for your specific skin type for a flawless and timeless look.


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