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Ladies, you ever walked into your bathroom ready to go to work on your skin only to find out that bae has been secretly using all of your products? You’re ready to wash, tone, moisturize and prep for the day, but your products are on E. To make matters worse, when you confront your significant other, or even encourage him to buy his own products, you’re met with casual shrugs.

What are we supposed to do ladies?

You’re frustrated, but Respected Roots co-founder, Jason Hawkins says this phenomenon may mot be entirely your man’s fault. According to him, while many young ladies are exposed to skin care early on, the same is not true for young men. Often times, are socialized not to think much about skincare, hindering their understanding of possible practices and techniques.

RR is a skincare company dedicated to providing natural grooming products for men. A fan favorite, their beard conditioner includes a perfect blend of ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E oil and more for a softer and much healthier beard.

After years of searching aimlessly in stores for a product to treat and maintain his beard, co-founder, Jaret Patterson says he decided to fill the market’s void and create a product that he and other men of color could use.

Jaret Patterson shared,

“The idea started out of a necessity because there wasn’t a natural grooming [skincare line] for men.”

In addition to providing products, Patterson and Hawkins are working to educate men on the value of grooming while redefining masculinity to challenge the stigma that grooming and self-care is restricted to just women. They are also using their brand to create a brotherly movement to defy society’s perception of men of color.

Jason Hawkins stated,

“When we are out during our trade shows, we want to dispel the myth about how black men are perceived. As we’re out doing trade shows, we ant people to see that black men can work along side each other.”

Ladies, if you’re looking for a way to keep bae’s skin clear and beard healthy without sharing your favorite goodies, here are three tips to share with him.

His Barber May be Getting it All Wrong

It may be an uncomfortable conversation to have but sis, you may be the only one who can tell your man the truth. If his face is consistently breaking out with bumps after leaving the shop, his barber could be the culprit. Improper shaving techniques are high on the list of skin inflammation for men.

When barbers use razors with multiple blades and cross the skin multiple times, it can irritate the skin and cause inflammation. Instead, men should seek barbers who use old fashion one blade razors.

Alcohol is Not The Answer

Pre-shave and aftershave products containing alcohol are not a man’s best friend. Contrary to belief, the burn he feels after shaving is actually a bad sign. Isopropyl alcohol causes neck discoloration and hyper-pigmentation. Instead using RR products that contain tea tree oil, Vitamin E and apricot oil actually treat the skin natural minus the burn.

Hands Off

The next time his hands go for his face or beard, slap them away! Well, not too hard, but you get the point. Throughout the day our hands accumulate germs like Salmonella, E. Coli and more, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Keeping his paws off of that gorgeous face significantly reduces the risk of bacteria and skin inflammation.

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