KBLX welcomes “Bay Area Reunion” concert by celebrating 40 years of music and culture; with founding members, Raphael Saadiq, D’Wayne Wiggins and Timothy Riley of the groundbreaking 90’s R&B band Tony! Toni! Tone! Fans are ecstatic about the reunion of the group as this will be their first time hitting the stage together in over 15 years. This historic event will also include performances by bay-area legends MC Hammer, Digital Underground and other surprise guests. Sheen Magazine had the chance to catch up with founding member Dwayne Wiggins; discuss bay-area influences, his definition of legacy in today’s era of entertainment and what fans can expect from Tony! Toni! Tone! Check out what Wiggins had to say and much more in our exclusive interview below.

It has been so many artists from the Bay Area that have contributed significantly to the music industry. Who has influenced the group and who would you say Tony! Toni! Tone! has influenced in the Bay Area? 

Oh my God! It’s so many artists that have had an influence on the group. I would definitely say Sly Stone, we would watch him when he was a DJ at the House of Music. Another individual who had a huge impact on our group was gospel singer Walter Hawkins. And I would say we’ve laid the ground for a lot of artists, from one genre to the next. I mean from our clothes, to our sound it’s who we are. When all three of us hit the stage it’s a spark that happens!

What’s your definition of legacy in the new age of entertainment?

When you can take it to the next level. I see the trap and Afro-beat style really popping off. You see, that’s what I mean when you know who you are, stay in you lane and when you’re aware of what type of music sonically you want to have, it’s going to be a hit! Take it to the people. Support who you are first, follow your passion and perform live. Make music the sport of your life, you follow the people and trust me you’ll have a hit song. Exposure is key!

New vs. old, the evolution of the groups music career. How has Tony! Toni! Tone! maintained it’s style, sound and longevity in such a saturated industry?

We had great forefathers to show us the way. We had Maurice White, Donny Hathaway and Aretha Franklin. Honestly, we just really had a great road map of legends to show us the way! Not to mention, Frankie Beverly, I mean his music is timeless. All three of us have different energies but when we’re together it’s magical. Over the years, we’ve stayed true to who we are and when the crowd hears the drums and beats, they hear that passion from us. This industry is for the movers and shakers, you have to have passion in this game. We all have something to say, so just know when the three of us take the stage we about to chop that Bitch Up! You get three of asses together and it’s a dynamic force.

Is there a bigger vision for the group? Tour? Is there anything the fans can look forward to beyond the Bay Reunion?

Well in the beginning of our careers Raphael played bass with everything. Now he’s at the mic and guitar; so with him music directing, the fans have the opportunity to see all of us go in.

What made the group decide this was the time? Why the 15 year wait?

Timing is everything. It’s the next level, the time and where we are now in our lives. We’re all in alignment with each other.

The Magic Happens at Oracle Arena in Oakland on

Thanksgiving Eve, November 27, 2019

This Is A Concert You Don’t Want To Miss!

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