Sheen continues to welcome you along the journey as we search for the best up-and-coming beauty brands delivering high-quality products in hair, makeup and skincare. What would you rate your feminine health and what are your daily practices to ensure you keep things in perfect balance?

Well, would you ever use a yoni egg to ensure that your lady parts continued to flourish? Yes, you read it right, a yoni egg.

Bath, body and hair company Black Sauce LLC., founded by April Nichole offers a splendid array of these ancient gems. With a growing Instagram following, she has a cultivated a cult-like following by unapologetically encouraging and educating customers, particularly women of color on how to cultivate healthier lifestyles, and addressing the importance of self-care and feminine issues from a holistic approach that go unaddressed in the public arena, including the use of soaking baths and yoni eggs.

If you’re still unsure if Yoni Eggs are right for you, read below as Nichole bust a few myths about them that may keep some apprehensive.

  1. All Yoni Eggs Aren’t Created Equally

If you think there’s a one-size fits all for yoni eggs, then think again. According to blank, not all yonis are constructed the same and variety is important. Black Sauce offers yoni eggs in a set of three to allow customers the ability to take their time with exercises. A lot of my clients first ask me if they will get lost in their yoni or if they will fall out. They feel as though they may be embarrassed by either occurrence. Neither are true. I sell my eggs in sets of three different sizes so that my customers can take their time with their exercises. Besides, not all yonis are constructed the same so variety is key.

  1. Get it Right, Keep it Tight

Yes, Yoni Eggs can make the muscles of the walls of the uterus tighter, but did you know that there are a variety of benefits that come from using them, including: menstrual cramp reduction, pelvic floor strengthening, restoration of the vagina after childbirth, urinary incontinence reduction and orgasm intensification just to name a few. Depending on the type of stone a yoni egg is made from, it also adds healing powers to the exercises and yoni.

Additionally Nichole delivers an extensive arsenal of health-conscious products packed with organic and botanical-rich ingredients to induce beauty inside and out. With names like like ‘Good Dick’ hair and body oil on her roster, she isn’t afraid to leak her own personality while offering hand-crafted products free of fillers, mineral oils, sulfates, parabens harmful dyes and fragrances.

“I bring my knowledge of holistic health care to my products and provide products that enhance and encourage better living. Because I am a researcher, I take my time pouring over academic journals trying to find the best roots, herbs and ingredients that are great for our skin, hair and mind,” she said.

Created with just the right consistency, texture and decadent scents that not only feel good on the skin,  promote overall health for the mind, body and spirit, it’s apparent she leaves no stone unturned when cultivating her products.


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