It’s no surprise to anyone Instagram is popping. Actually, more than 700 million users are using the app right now. That’s amazing. In fact, in recent years the app has garnered so much notoriety that it’s catapulted the careers of some of our favorite stars like Cardi B. It’s also become a sort of mecca for beauty enthusiasts alike, attracting influencers and independent cosmetics companies.

As one of the premiere destinations for beauty, Sheen is embarking on its first ever Instagram beauty tour and we’re welcoming you along the journey as we search the app for some the best up-and-coming beauty brands delivering high-quality products in hair, makeup, and skincare.

First up is cosmetic company, 3:27 Cosmetics founded and created by Genevia Sawyer. After losing her corporate job, she sought out to create practical products for a polished look catering to women of color. The avid lipstick lover says she decided to create a matte lipstick after she saw a void in the industry.

“I’ve never come in contact with a matte liquid lipstick or matte lipstick that wasn’t drying
or didn’t crack. 3:27 lipsticks are not drying and they definitely do not crack. Plus, they last all day.”


Sheen Magazine writer, Eartha Terrell rocking 3:27 Cosmetics’ shade in Savage

Here are some tips to help keep your lips on fleek this fall from 3:27 Cosmetics.

Tip #1: Exfoliate for Explosive Lips

Show of hands-how many of us have experienced dry and cakey lips after applying our favorite matte lipsticks? The truth is, yes, matte lipsticks can make your lips more vulnerable to dryness, but there are ways to prevent this. Sawyer says, “Matte lipsticks must be applied to exfoliated lips to ensure long, lasting color.” Exfoliating lips by applying a small amount of Vaseline and rubbing them with a toothbrush prior to application can remove any dry skin and flakes, ensuring longer lasting beautiful and smooth lips.

Tip #2: Lip Liners are essential

Is it just me, or are you tired of dull lips with no definition? Well, according to Sawyer, applying lip liner is the key that your lip routine is missing. Tracing lips prior to applying highly-pigmented matte lipsticks, can prevent the product from bleeding onto your skin by offering lines for you to color in as well as prolong the product for a sleek and smooth finish.

Tip#3: Vitamin E & C are Key

What’s the health of your lips? Well, if you’re experiencing some extra dryness Vitamin C and E could be potential remedies. Vitamin C regenerates tissue cells to reveal smooth, succulent healthy and kissable lips, while Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects lips from damage caused environmental free radicals.


Luckily for us all. 3:27 Cosmetics are packed with these two powerful ingredients for a beautiful lippie.

“Our lipstick formulas contain natural moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin C and E and synthetic bees wax to soften and condition lips all day.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried 3:27 Cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks and without a shadow of a doubt, my application was smooth, full of hydration and lasted longer than eight hours without a second application. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, be sure to click the link to follow them on Instagram TODAY!