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MoneySport International

Album title: Here’s a Playlist

The introductory breakthrough compilation album from Moneysport International, titled Here’s a Playlist, featured the collective efforts of three artists; Ran Bruce, Heartbreak Hutch, and PlayaPink. The album opens with an up-tempo passive-aggressive song called “Money Season,” by Ran Bruce – a playground fun song, sure to make any man want to increase his funds, in order to flex and to achieve sexual conquest. Listening to the playlist, we find ourselves with Heartbreak Hutch – he appears to be the “lover boy” of the group with his lovey-dovey song “Only.” Will he or will he not find his only? Now, as the album progresses, the listener is introduced to Playa Pink – a unique mixture of grunge extreme sexual dominance, with a hint of love, coupled with insane fashion sense. In songs like “Galick Gun” and “Dime,” we discover a part of the group that seems nonchalant about lyrics, but mostly centers around the feeling of sheer aggression along with the on beat delivery, which is sure to make the listener want to get fresh, get paid, and have instantaneous sex with any woman they see fit.

Flow 3.5

Delivery 3.5

Lyrics 3

Beat selection 3

Adlibs 2

Drip 3

Ears: 3/5