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Rating Method:

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  • One as the least five as the max
  • Achieving 5 Ears will only be given to those who create total masterpieces

Artist: Young Nudy

Album: Sli’merre


Young Nudy, the slimeball seed of Chucky, hailing from East Atlanta zone 6, can do absolutely no wrong. With this being said, the album Sli’merre is nothing short of a flowed out, beat banging, street living, speaker blowing album full of hits. With appearances from multiple artist such as 21 Savage, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, and Lil Uzi Vert, Nudy has an undeniable ear and talent for choosing collaborators for a hardcore street hit, a talent that has navigated his fame from gutter street into the mainstream. Start to finish, super producer Pi’erre Bourne brings nothing but bass booming beats, while Young Nudy glides along them, like a slick snowboard sliding across a never-ending cocaine slope, until wipeout, crashing your ears and speakers creating a fun album full of finesse.


Flow 4

Delivery 3.5

Lyrics 3.5

Beat selection 5

Drip 3

Adlibs 4


Ears 3.8/5