Shaft, shaft, John Shaft, and more shaft. This movie is definitely more Shaft than we could handle. The movie starts off pretty swiftly, with an intense action gun slinging scene, which slightly hints that John Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) is a father. Turns out the baby in the gunfight is actually little J.J. Shaft, who eventually grows up without his father, because of certain later revealed issues in the movie. The flick revolves mostly around the adult J.J Shaft, who lives life as an FBI agent, working for “the man,” but eventually has to link up with his outlaw cop parent Shaft senior, who also has to align with his own father, J.J.’s granddaddy, the original Shaft (Richard Roundtree), in order to take on a kingpin nemesis. The three shafts together, as the ultimate protagonist crime fighting shafting machines, was definitely action packed but became slightly redundant as the movie progressed. Throughout the whole movie over and over we’re shown that JJ is a total square nerd, and his father and grandfather are the cool more pimped out woman having shafts. The hour plus of those jokes (especially through the action scenes) is just kinda cheesy, but other than that, it was Shaftin’ awesome! So know that when you enter the movie theater prepare to get Shafted by three Shafts for an hour plus. I hope you can handle it because they some bad mutha! (Shut Yo Mouf)

Image via IMDb