Artis brushes has become a very popular go-to for makeup gurus and now they have released an limited edition brush set that has the ‘golden touch.’ Introducing the Elite Gold, Oval 7 and 10 Brush set, Limited Edition!
These two brush options are plated with pure 24K Gold and are housed in luxury fabric covered presentation boxes.

This well-crafted product is said to be the right size for most makeup applications you do while also being gentle and maneuverable.

Artis listed the “7 Wonders” of the new Oval 7 Brush

-Applies foundation formulas beautifully
-Highlights the areas of the face you want to catch light
-Blends and perfects blush so it looks real and healthy
-Bronzers blend flawlessly
-Contours in a masterful way, helping you be a true sculptor
-Special effects products blend and glide on evenly
-Skincare formulas apply evenly and efficiently

Elite Collection Editions are available now at