At 42 Dubonnet, they’re like the secretive wink of the beauty world.

They believe that “the most alluring you” can and should be ready to experience life’s adventures at any moment, wherever you are, wherever you go.

As a mother-daughter team, they created 42 Dubonnet to bring the allure, mystery and electricity of 1920s Art Deco Miami Beach to you, wherever you are. Where on an ordinary evening, you’d walk through a corridor, down the stairs, and into a secret world where a flurry of anticipation would welcome you…where you’d feel so intoxicated, so glamorous, so in the moment, and so surrounded by possibilities, that you knew life wasn’t waiting any more—it was happening!

Even if you’re not in Miami Beach, you deserve the power of spontaneity, the ability to ignite your own mystical allure—tucked away discretely inside your purse at all times. Anywhere you go—you can open the door to your own, personal speakeasy. Welcome to 42 Dubonnet at Speakeasy Cosmetics…


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With their petite, portable beauty products, wherever you are, wherever you go, 42 Dubonnet lets you bring your most captivating self with you. Be ready for life’s magic—in the wink of an eye.