A leading fragrance brand in the Specialty market creating a high level of innovation and uniqueness with their 16 beautifully distinct fragrances in over 200 total products. Developed in their in-house Fragrance Studio curated using essences of nature’s botanicals and a hint of the unknown expertly blended to elicit a strong and deep personal connection.  All products are free of harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, and sulfates.  Artfully designed and hand crafted with a touch of charm, Thymes Bath & Body invites the discovery of beauty in everyday life.

Thymes Studio Collection Fragrances:
Aqua Coralline
Reminiscent of an ocean’s breeze; a cool, fresh fragrance that creates a seaside curio for the senses.

Jade Matcha
Worldly and intriguing, ceremonial crushed Matcha tea is a rare delicacy; an aromatic, green fragrance embraces modernity in an opulent infusion.

Kimono Rose
A sensuous bouquet of spring’s most coveted flowers; a fruity, floral fragrance unfolds an intricate origami of unabashed femininity.
Lotus Santal
Warm and intoxicating notes sing soft praises to an unexpected pause; a creamy, wood fragrance composes a chorus or aromatic tranquility.
NEW! Mirabelle Plum
Flora’s allure creates an unexpected lavish landscape; a ripe, juicy fragrance weaves a tapestry of lush temptation.
Rosewood Citron
A mercurial spirit comes forth with unexpected insights; a citrus, wood fragrance educates the senses in a study of compelling contrasts.
Tiare Monoi
At first it seems like an illusion then an intoxicating, verdant nirvana emerges in the essence of the moment; a heady floral fragrance forms an oasis of lush wildness.
NEW! Tupelo Lemongrass
Dappled sunlit days offer the slow indulgence of drifting amongst vibrant scents; a bright, citrus fragrance crafts a patchwork field of vitality and light.

Thymes Classic Collection Fragrances:

Agave Nectar
The secret beauty of the desert unexpectedly blooms with a tangy juicy fragrance that will leave your confidence as replenished as your skin.

Clary Sage Tea
Beautifully crafted to inspire the soul and uplift the spirit – a fresh, herbal infusion restores and invigorates the senses.

A transformative part of a daily routine, energizing and awakening the senses; a fresh, invigorating fragrance infuses the day with unlimited possibilities.

Celebrating 25 years in the Marketplace! A lavish fragrance that’s as memorable as it is luxurious; a heady, floral fragrance creates an elaborate work of art for the senses.
NEW! Goldleaf Gardenia
A reinvention of a timeless favorite blooms a graceful bouquet; a beautiful, light floral fragrance that’s classically inspired and beautifully modern.
An optimistic palette for the senses, awakening the perfect canvas of a brisk, floral fragrance. Take on the day with boundless inspiration.
Olive Leaf
A fragrance born in antiquity for a rich whole-body experience. Naturally wholesome and balanced with nourishing herbs and woods.
Temple Tree Jasmine
Blossoming with shimmers of floral wisps and silkening elegance; a moment of delicate reverie and fragrant sophistication.
All fragrances are available in various signature bath and body products: Bar Soap, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Wash, Cologne, Cologne Rollerball, Hand Cream, Hand Lotion, Hand Wash, Home Fragrance Mist, Petite Body Lotion, Petite Lotion & Cologne Rollerball Set and Poured Candle. In addition to the signature bath & body products, varying between scent collections, are luxury bath and treatment products including: Bath Oil, Body Scrub, Bubble Bath and Whipped Body Cream that allow you to experience the evocative fragrances in depth.

Prices ranging from $6.00 to $40.00.

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