If you are like most women – you think about the quality of the skin of your face. Perhaps trying different solutions for day and night, incorporating a mask or exfoliant from time to time, and maybe using an eye cream to soothe that delicate area…but what about your lips? They get relegated to treatment with a balm or chapped lip product, sometimes bought hastily at the checkout lane in the hopes of eliminating that dry, flaky feeling we seem to be visited by every year.  The reality is that lips need skin care – not just a quick fix – and the skin around the lips is a vulnerable area that can be one of the early signals of aging.  Changes in the season, especially as we enter the winter months, are a signal to up the ante on your lip care. The Founders of VENeffect understand how and why the skin of the lips needs special care and have a great solution to transform the skin on and around the lips that you will LOVE!

The skin of the lip is a very different texture to the skin of the face, eyes, neck and décolleté.  No – it is not a plot for clever marketing people to get you to buy another product.

Think about it: the lips go through more changes throughout the day than any other part of the face – smiling, eating, applying and reapplying rich pigment colors or glosses, or even simply talking.   It all takes a toll on the skin on and around the lips.  Adding to that workload is the dynamic ebb and flow of the “look-good-feel-good” hormone estrogen.  Yes, estrogen – embrace it – it is a beautifying hormone meant to enhance virtually everything about us that is beautiful, from the shine in our hair, to the curve of our waist, the glow in our skin and the plump, rosy, moist allure of the LIPS!

As estrogen wanes within the month and as we age (hint – estrogen peaks with fertility at age 25-27), we lose volume, color and moisture in the skin of the lips.  To add insult to injury, all of those wonderful smiles and great conversations tax those lips, reducing elasticity and eventually resulting in tiny vertical lines…sometimes not so tiny over time… but there is something you can do about that.

Anti-Aging Lip Treatment $85


We want to let you know about our VENeffect Anti-Aging Lip Treatment. This delicate, yet powerful lip treatment is a must-have for your lips in any season. It not only visibly reduces the appearance of lines, it also deeply hydrates, protects, and plumps your lips using our advanced phytoestrogen technology. You simply apply this creamy treatment on and around the skin of the lips morning and evening – when you are going through your normal skin care regimen. It sinks into the skin immediately and provides all-day moisture as well as a natural plumpness and rosiness to the lips. And even better, VENeffect reduces the appearance of the vertical lines that form around the lips as well as helps to prevent them from forming. It is truly unique and award winning – there is nothing quite like it.

Now that you have the inside scoop on how to achieve moist, younger looking, plump and healthy lips, you can have fun with your lip color – it will go on beautifully and stay exactly where you want it!