Are you looking for a quick and easy style boost? Look no further than Desired Extensions Enhance Collection Clips-Ins! We received the 100% virgin, 14 inch, curly locs from the multifaceted, Atlanta based company in its unique packaging and were immediately intrigued. Desired Extensions carries human hair in an array of textures! Since I am not an expert in installing extensions, these clip-ins were just my speed.

[Pictured: Earth Collection in Kinky Curly]

Each cup-o-hair contains 7 pieces that vary in width for an easy, no cutting necessary fit. I was able to install two cups worth of hair in 10 -15 minutes, did a quick bump of my hair with a flat iron and I was out of the door. The color (natural) and texture were a great blend with my short, relaxed hair. The soft, natural feel and re-usability make this hair well worth the $150.00 price tag. Perfect for lengthening short hair or thickening lengthy hair, I recommend these clip-ins to anyone who’s willing to shell out the cash for an awesome look.

So, if you want to try on something new with quality hair and unbelievably simple installation & removal, check out Desired Extensions.