If you fare between medium and dark skin tones then you definitely understand the apprehension that comes with trying out lighter lip colors. Having a tan/caramel skin-tone I tend to stick with darker colors, bright mattes, or my trusty nude lip-gloss. So when I came across two light, seemingly pink, shades of lipstick, I was definitely a little nervous about how it would look on my complexion. But by pure chance, I found two images of Kerry Washington rocking similar shades of lipstick. Since we have similar complexions I decided to try to recreate Kerry’s entire makeup look, in hopes of making these colors work. If Kerry could make them look good, then maybe I could too.

My Review: Jill Stuart’s Lip Blossom came in a beautiful silver case, affixed with a secret mirror compartment—I was already hooked by the packaging. Their product description online boasts “sheer but build-able color” and “moisturizing oils”, and I found that to be true.

My daytime selfie

When I first applied the lipstick in the morning, I did a thick application to achieve the full color. I wore it for over 12 hours and ended up reapplying it several times during the day. I actually liked it, however, after a few hours of wear—it became a little less potent, but still maintained a pretty pink color and my lips didn’t feel dry at any time. It functioned more like a lip-gloss than a lipstick, which I preferred anyway. Would I wear them again? Perhaps, but I’d probably try it with a more understated makeup look the next time, or with Kerry’s updo.

Professional shot by MG Young Photography | Instagram

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Have you found a go-to pink lipstick for your complexion? Are you willing to give this one a try? Share below!

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Featured image of Kerry Washington | Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America