When you think of a timeless movie what comes to mind? How many times have you watched your favorite movie, recited every line, and still laughed or
cried every time? Now is the perfect time of year to enjoy the top 30 timeless movies of all time! Whether you will be spending quality time with family, friends, your beau or yourself each movie on this list is perfect for any moment.

1.      Titanic ​(1997)

​84 years later, a 101-year-old woman named Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate
Winslet) tells the story to her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert, Brock Lovett, Lewis Bodine,
Bobby Buell and Anatoly Mikailavich on the Keldysh about her life set in April 10th 1912,
on a ship called Titanic when young Rose boards the departing ship with the upper-class passengers
and her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater, and her fiancé, Caledon Hockley. Meanwhile, a drifter and
artist named Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his best friend Fabrizio De Rossi win
third-class tickets to the ship in a game. And she explains the whole story from departure until the
death of Titanic on its first and last voyage April 15th, 1912 at 2:20 in the morning.

2.      Imitation of Life ​(1959)

A struggling young actress with a six-year-old daughter sets up
housekeeping with a homeless black widow and her light-skinned eight-year-old daughter who
rejects her mother by trying to pass for white. As sad as the movie was, it did leave a long lasting lesson at the end.

3.      Set if Off ​(1996)
​Desperation drives four inner-city women (Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett
Smith, Vivica A. Fox, Kimberly Elise) to bank robbery in Los Angeles. This was the perfect blend of sisterhood and tragedy.

4.      Waiting to Exhale ​(1995)
We laughed and we cried with Savannah (Whitney Houston,) Bernadine (Angela Bassett,)  Robin (Lela Rochon,) and Gloria (Loretta Devine)
as they chronicled their ups and downs with the male species.

5.      The Bodyguard​ (1992)
A former Secret Service agent (Kevin Costner) takes on the job of
bodyguard to a pop singer (Whitney Houston) and their love story became one for the ages.

6.      Mahogany ​(1975)
Tracy (Diana Ross), an aspiring designer from the slums of Chicago puts
herself through fashion school in the hopes of becoming one of the world’s top designers.
Her ambition leads her to Rome spurring a choice between the man she loves or her newfound success.

7.      Boys n the Hood ​(1991)
What’s considered a “hood classic” follows the lives of three young males living in the Crenshaw ghetto of
Los Angeles, dissecting questions of race, relationships, violence and future prospects.

8.      Friday ​(1995)
Two homies, Smokey and Craig, smoke up a dope dealer’s weed and try to
figure out a way to get the $200 they owe him. This is truly a classic comedy about what goes on in the hood.

9.      Clueless ​(1995)
​A popular movie for 90s teenage girls. We witness Cher balance her popularity, while helping the new girl become popular and finding love.

10.  The Notebook ​(2004)
​A poor and passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman
and gives her a sense of freedom. They soon are separated by their social differences, but later reunite. This is truly a love story that you can watch over and over again.

11.  Love Jones ​(1997)
​Darius Lovehall (Larenz Tate) is a young black poet in Chicago who starts dating Nina
Moseley (Nia Long), a beautiful and talented photographer.  Then Nina tests the strength of Darius’ feelings and sets a chain of romantic complications
into motion. The movie captures the essence of love while welcoming pure passion and heartbreak.

12.  Poetic Justice ​(1993)
In this film, we see the world through the eyes of main character
Justice (Janet Jackson), a young African-American poet. She meets Lucky (Tupac) a mail carrier and they fight through their difficult circumstances.

13.  Sparkle ​(1976)
​In the 1960s, three sisters form a girl group and soon become local
sensations with major label interest, but fame becomes a challenge as the close-knit family
begins to fall apart.

14.  The Color Purple ​(1985)
A black Southern woman (Whoopi Goldberg) struggles to find her identity
after suffering years of abuse from her father and others over 40 years. This is a classic among classics.

15.  Coming to America ​(1988)
An African prince (Eddie Murphy) goes to Queens, New York City to find
a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and will. The comedy of Eddie and Arsenio Hall makes this movie a enjoyable one.

16.  Sister Act ​(1992)
When a worldly singer (Whoopi Goldberg) witnesses a mob crime, the
police hide her as a nun in a traditional convent where she has trouble fitting in.


17.  Dreamgirls ​(2006)

A trio of black female soul singers ( Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson,
and Anika Noni Rose) cross over to the pop charts in the early 1960s, facing their own
personal struggles of loss, abandonment and deceit along the way.

18.  Soul Food ​(1997)
Matriarch Mama Joe has held her family together for 40 years around a
Sunday dinner of soul food. When diabetes hospitalizes her, the dinners stop and tensions
among her three daughters start to break the family apart. Two of the sisters feud
continuously: Teri is jealous of Maxine’s marriage and irritated that everyone assumes her corporate salary
is open to the rest of the family’s uses. Maxine resents Teri’s bossiness and insensitivity to
family tradition. Bird, the youngest, newly married to an ex-con, accepts a favor from an old lover
that leads to her husband’s arrest. Mama Joe’s grandson Ahmad cooks up a scheme to bring the
family together and back to the table.

19.  School Daze ​(1988)
At historically black Mission College, the activist-minded Dap (Larry
Fishburne) immerses himself in a world of political rhetoric and social movements —
one day he hopes to rally the students as a united front. At the other end of the spectrum,
Julian (Giancarlo Esposito), the head of the biggest fraternity on campus, is more concerned with
maintaining a strict social order. In between, Dap’s conflicted cousin, Half-Pint (Spike Lee), spends
most of his time rushing the fraternity. Like most Spike Lee films, this movie left us with an unforgettable message.

20.  House Party ​(1990)
Kid has been invited to a party at his friend Play’s house, but
after a fight at school, Kid’s father grounds him. None the less, Kid sneaks out when his
father falls asleep. But Kid doesn’t know that three of the thugs at school has decided to give him
a lesson in behavior. Who can forget the many guest appearances and their dance that was ultimately dubbed the ‘Kid N Play’.

21.  The Breakfast Club ​(1985)
​Five high school students, all representing different stereotypes, meet in
detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how much they actually have in common.

22.   Grease ​(1978)
A musical about teens in love in the 50s! It’s California, 1959 and
greaser Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Australian Sandy Olsson ( Olivia Newton-John) are in
love. They spend time at the beach, but when they go back to school, what either of them don’t
know is that they both now attend Rydell High. Danny’s the leader of the T-Birds, a group of
black-jacket greasers while Sandy hangs with the Pink Ladies, a group of pink-wearing girls led by
Rizzo. Will they be able to rekindle their romance and not let their statuses get in the way?

23.  Mean Girls ​(2004)
After befriending two unpopular teens, Cady (Lindsey Lohan) and her friends work up a
plan to take down The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school. Little did
she expect to be a hit with The Plastics, or to fall in love with Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of
alpha Plastic Regina George (Rachel McAdams). Life can only get more complicated when you are
surrounded by mean girls!

24.  Ghost ​(1990)
After an accident leaves a young man (Patrick Swayze) dead, his spirit
stays behind to warn his lover (Demi Moore) of impending danger, with the help of a
reluctant psychic (Whoopi Goldberg.)

25.  Love and Basketball ​(2000)

Monica (Sanaa Lathan) moves in next door to Quincy (Omar Epps) and they soon find out they share one common dream, playing in the NBA.
Their love-hate relationship lasts into high school, with Monica’s edge and Quincy’s top-dog attitude
separating them, except when Quincy’s parents argue and he climbs through Monica’s window to sleep
on the floor. As high school ends, they come together as a couple, but within a year, with
both of them playing ball at USC, Quincy’s relationship with his father takes an ugly turn, and
it leads to a break up with Monica. This movie resonated with many people because of it’s combination of love, friendship and sports.

26.  Cinderella (with Brandy) ​(1997)
Updated version of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical of the
classic fairy-tale, with an all-star, multi-racial cast starring Brandy as Cinderella and Whitney Houston as her Fairy God Mother. Who didn’t fall in love with the characters and sing every word to their songs.

27.  The Wiz ​(1978)
Dorothy (Diana Ross), a twenty-four-year-old kindergarten teacher born,
raised, and still working in Harlem, is celebrating Thanksgiving with her extended family,
but she doesn’t seem to be thankful for much in life. Things change for her when she is caught in a snowstorm while chasing
after her dog, Toto. They are transported to the mysterious Land of Oz, where she is informed that
the only possible way to find her way back home is through the assistance of the powerful wizard in
the Emerald City. As she goes searching for him, she befriends some creatures (Nipsey Russell,
Michael Jackson, and Ted Ross) who are facing problems in life just like her. In their quest to
find and get help from the wizard, they also face Evillene (Mabel King), the equally evil sister
of Evermean, the wicked witch whom Dorothy inadvertently killed when she arrived in Oz, and who
may be their biggest obstacle in achieving their goals.

28.  The Lion King  ​(1994)
​This is one of the most beloved Disney movies of all time. A young lion prince named Simba is cast out of his pride by his cruel uncle Scar, who
claims he killed his father Mufasa. While the uncle rules with an iron fist, the prince grows up
beyond the savannah, living by a philosophy: No worries for the rest of your days. We witness Simba take down Scar and reclaim his rightful throne.

29.  Brown Sugar ​(2002)
The beautiful story of love and hip-hop is told through magazine editor (Sanaa Lathan) and a hip-hop
record executive (Taye Diggs). They start off as childhood best friends, but later stumble into romantic territory.

30.  The Best Man ​(1994)

The camaraderie between a group of friends (Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Monica Calhoun and Terrance Howard) is almost threaten by
Harper’s (Taye Diggs) novel that depicts his dirty secret of sleeping with his best friend’s fiancée.  However with his girlfriend (Sanaa Lathan) by his side, he faces his friend while also making sure the wedding goes on without an hitch. (Source: