She’s a woman that wears many hats. Sheniqua Johnson is an author, motivational speaker, and health coach. Johnson has made it her own personal mission to help women strategically live their best lives. Sheniqua spoke exclusively with Sheen to discuss her self-help book and even offers her tips to keep your New Years resolution!

Who is Sheniqua Johnson at her core?

I am a Registered Nurse by profession. I am also a Life Coach/Health Coach and owner of A Better U, LLC. I am an author and a motivational speaker. When I think about what that really means in my life and who I really am deep down to my core, I’d have to say I am all heart. I genuinely care about people. I am full of compassion and understanding for others. This trait has been my driving force in my personal and professional life. When I love, I love hard; when I connect, I connect whole-heartedly. I honestly believe I have a heart for people. I am that bubbly nurse singing good morning at 6 am, I am that friend who always points out the brighter side of any situation. That compassion is embedded in me and I am grateful God has put me in positions where I can express who I truly am.  Even now as a Life Coach/Health Coach, I give my clients my heart and a lot of times that helps them to open up their hearts to receive all of the goodness life has in store for them. I help my clients work on their hearts and guide them through their struggles. Whenever anyone encounters me they will always get a glimpse of my heart.

How did you get into motivational speaking and what is the main message you hope your readers will gain?

Professionally, I am an orator. I am an educator, having taught over 900 health coaches and currently training nursing students; as I teach I speak. I’ve learned to speak in a way to captivate my audience, keeping them awake, and interested in what I am saying. However, it wasn’t until I began walking in my truth that I would say I became a true motivational speaker. Being true to who I am, what I have gone through, and what I am going through has helped me gain the attention of those with similar struggles and has led me to become a source of inspiration for them. The way I have kept my head up even in the face of adversity has allowed me to rise up on top. I tell my story not for sympathy but for others to gain power. As they see me rise I want them to see themselves rise as well. We go through struggles for a reason. The mountain-sized obstacles rise in our way only to show us how strong we really are.

What tips can you give to people as they enter the year with new goals and resolutions? What do you feel like is the best way to stick to these goals?

I believe 2018 is the year where connection is going to be key! Your partnerships in this new year will be crucial. My advice to all readers is to do a row check, examine everyone in your circle. Are the people in your circle helping you grow or are they hindering your growth? Be strategic about who you share your space with. It is time to get connected to those who can help your seed to grow. As a life coach/health coach, I support my clients in reaching their goals. Having a strong support system is key to not only setting goals but staying motivated to accomplish those goals. The best advice I could give to those who have entered the New Year with goals and resolutions would be to get connected to someone who has your best interest at heart and can help you reach your goals. You don’t have to do this alone. Connection is key!

Can you tell us about your book and what inspired you to write?

I write books that encourage and inspire people. My book titled, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength: How My Faith Moved My Mountains” is a self-discovery book. I take readers on a personalized journey to discover their inner strength. I offer tips that readers can apply to their life instantly to find out how strong they really are. This book is a faith-based guide to helping people overcome life’s mountain-sized obstacles.

I am also the co-author of a book titled “Reach Your Greatness” with ABC’s Secret Millionaire James Malinchak and other thought leaders. In this book, I help readers discover their inner strength to find success in their lives.

My latest book project is a collaborative effort with Cheryl Wood. In this book titled “Women Inspiring Nations,” 25 amazing women find the courage to walk in our truths and tell our story to lift and inspire people all over the nation. In my chapter, I speak to women who have to start life again. I help them find the strength to start again either after a divorce, or having to change careers, or even having to go back to school later in life.

All of the books I have written serve as an inspiration to others but also a reminder for myself. With each chapter I have written it allows me to connect with people all over the world, helping to shine a ray of hope into their situations.

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