Mogul, Sherry Blue has made it her personal mission to help young women become not only successful, but also prepared for the workforce as well as their personal lives. She’s committed herself to her very own non-profit organization, Foundation for Fortitude. Her love and passion to help young women is truly inspiring as she has become the helping hand she didn’t have when she was once their age. We sat down with Sherry Blue to get the dirt on the Foundation AND celebrating the success of the organization through her annual event, the “Pure White Affair” which will be hosted by The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Marlo Hampton.

Can you tell us about yourself, and discuss your entrepreneurial spirit?

I am an entrepreneur within Jacksonville, Florida. In my second career, I worked in Corporate America for over 20 years but began my entrepreneurship journey about 10 years ago. I currently own several businesses but the main business is Executive Bonding Group. We manage bail bond agencies throughout the state of Florida. We also have our retail bonding company which is Make It Happen Bail Bonds. We provide retail bail bond services here in Jacksonville. And lastly, we have Luxury Limo who is a transportation company here in Jacksonville. Those are just the other things I do, besides acting as the Executive Director role for Foundation For Fortitude.

Can you tell us about the different services you provide to help others?

In the program, we have multiple modules. We offer financial literacy, health care education, etiquette training, resume writing, interview skills, professional mentorship within the community, and many more. Those are just a few aspects we like to offer to these young ladies that will help allow them to make better choices when it comes to their career as well as their personal lives to become the overall success woman.

Do you mind giving us insight on your nonprofit, Foundation for Fortitude?

Foundation for Fortitude is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides education, mentorship, and scholarship to freshman and sophomore young ladies in Jacksonville, Florida.

Is there anything you can share with us that inspired you to take this career path?

Foundation for Fortitude was something that meant a lot to me. When I was a freshman in college, I did not complete my freshman year because I got distracted, and no one was there to help me understand the importance of school. I wasn’t able to do that until 12 years later when I went back to get my degree. If I would’ve had someone there initially for my first year of college, I may have been a little bit more successful in my life. That is the true purpose of wanting to inspire these young ladies to finish school, get their degree, and be successful in the workforce.

You are about to host your second annual, “Pure White Affair” fundraiser! What can you tell us about the idea behind starting up this event?

The purpose of the event is to fundraise and be able to provide scholarship funding for the young ladies and participants in the program. It is our major fundraiser, and without it we would not have the opportunity to service as many young ladies as we can with the program and scholarships. That is the true purpose of the event but it is also a celebration and to let the community know more about the event and see the young ladies in the program.

What can those that attend the “Pure White Affair” expect?

They can expect a fabulous time! It is hosted by The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Marlo Hampton. She is hosting it again, and it is a time to celebrate the work we have done with the young ladies. We also get into the specifics of what we do in the program.

For those that cannot attend the event, how can they find out more or contribute?

They can go to the official Foundation for Fortitude website, where they can find all of the information as far as what our program and foundation offers. If they choose to, they can support and donate.

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