How to Get Rid of a Toxic “Friend”

Toxic “BFF” Survival Guide

Do you think finding a soul mate is hard? Finding a BFF is even harder. A BFF is a person that you can trust, hang out with, and depend on. They know you better than you know yourself. You always have your favorite hangouts and sayings that only you and your friend know the concept of. Sometimes friendships last a lifetime and that’s a reality, but if you notice that your BFF is gradually changing in a way that is hurting themselves and you, it’s time to listen to the music and perhaps go your separate ways. Here are some ways that you could handle a toxic BFF situation

You should really “shoot” the messenger

Stop responding to your BFF’s phone calls and text messages. Your BFF will get the message eventually, but if they retaliate in a bad way, they can’t really “shoot” the messenger, and they can’t phone home literally, because you have stopped responding to them. ET communicated with his finger and didn’t have a phone and he was just fine.

Yes, some people can’t handle the truth

You’re really going to tell your BFF how you feel? Yes, the truth hurts. When the chips are down and you tell somebody how you really feel, it might not go the way you want it to go or how you pictured it. Always be careful about confronting a person. Have evidence to back up your claims. Geico knows how you feel and they have been doing it for years. Sometimes people don’t know how they are acting until you finally speak to them about it, but if you have no evidence of what you’re complaining about, maybe you are the problem.

Your hangout spot doesn’t have to be irreplaceable

If you really want to take a break and distance yourself from your toxic friend, don’t show up to your favorite hangout locations. Try something new that will spark your interest, if you go to something that doesn’t interest the both of you, you both won’t show up. Duh, ok let’s get real, people like what they like. If you guys show up at the same place that you usually hang out in, just say nothing and move on, walk away. Everything you want is not to a box to the left but can move in that direction so your ex-best friend can move to the right.

You should at least meet in the middle

Ok, so you and your BFF have kids and they get along and you guys are gradually distancing yourself from each other. What should you do? Don’t let the kids suffer just because you guys don’t get along anymore. Put your children first and suck it up. If you can let your children be happy then fear is not a factor for you.


Yes, friendships can last a lifetime, but you have to think about you sometimes. Friendships are healthy, but if they are toxic than you are living in a poison paradise.




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