She’s Happy Hair is a veteran operated, black-owned business that recognized a void in the hair industry. There was a huge demand for high-quality, yet affordable human hair extensions, that many companies failed to meet. Co-founders and U.S. military veterans, Warren Broadnax and Marcus Bowers decided to fill that gap. With a passion for entrepreneurship, She’s Happy Hair was formed in 2012.

Seizing the opportunity to provide the highest quality hair products at affordable prices, She’s Happy Hair has developed into a household name with locations across the United States.

Houston made October 1st She’s Happy Hair Day. What does this mean to you?

It means a lot to us. To be recognized by the Mayor of Houston not just for our success in business but for our efforts in transforming the community is one of the best feelings in the world. It felt great having our executive team and families their to join in the celebration. She’s Happy Hair day is going push us to go even further with our mission and efforts.

She’s Happy Hair is also known for it’s philanthropic efforts in the community in addition to your natural hair products, why is this so important to you?

Being two men in a female dominated industry, it’s imperative to us to make women of all creeds feel appreciated and Happy starting at their crown. A women’s hair is her crown. The the crown is taken care of, She’s Happy.

Not only do we want them to feel great, we want them be lead to serve their communities. Why not lead by example? She’s Happy Hair is committed to excellence is consumer relations and community.

What can we expect to see from She’s Happy Hair in the future?

Expansion! Our goal is to continue to grow and expand! Provide jobs and opportunity nationwide. We’ve recently expanded to the Atlanta market. Macy’s is doing well and we’re getting ready to open our dry bar inside of Walmart. That is pretty much our focus at the moment.   

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All images courtesy of She’s Happy Hair