Janice Faison is a mompreneur and the owner of Celebrity Trailers (along with Big Boi of Outkast). 10+ years ago, Janice was the assistant of Outkast as well as Big Boi, when he went solo. While assisting, she became inspired to provide talent the satisfying trailer accommodations they deserve while on set; and in 2009, she birthed Celebrity Trailers with the support of Big Boi. This year alone, Celebrity Trailers has booked some of Atlanta’s biggest productions including Coming to America 2 (currently filming at Tyler Perry Studios), Revolt Summit, Super Bowl LIII, One Music Fest and more (images below). Although booking these heavy-hitting productions are worth the celebration, Janice’s journey to overcome Hollywood’s limitations is an unforgettable one.

During our recent interview, she shared with me how her 20+ year industry experience inspired the launch of Celebrity Trailers and more.

What has the experience been like working on set and being able to provide spaces for the actors and directors of this film? 

It feels like a blessing. I was excited when I got a phone call confirming that some of the talents would be staying in our trailers. Coming 2 America was a big-time production so for Celebrity Trailers to be associated with the sequel’s production at Tyler Perry Studios is pretty cool. I’m super grateful for the person that thought to include us for this historic moment.

Who have you had a pleasure to speak with while on set for the film Coming 2 America?

Typically, I or my team like to keep conversations with talent short and sweet. Our number one priority is making sure the talent is comfortable enough to be focused on their job. If a conversation happens naturally, then, of course, we’ll connect with them. This time around, I haven’t spoken with the cast for the film, personally. But I do know that Tracy Morgan stayed in our trailers and that’s good enough for me.

What made you start a business in providing Celebrity Trailers?

After working around Outkast and their peers for years, I saw how uncomfortable & outdated their trailers were. Working on any set is a “be ready and wait game” so it’s important that the talent has a relaxing place to wait until they’re called for their shot. I saw, first hand, that the trailer accommodations booked for talent weren’t fair and I wanted to change that.

What’s next for you in the upcoming year?

It’s always business as usual so I’ll be revamping the fleet, making sure all of our clients are satisfied and pursuing opportunities to expand the company. Outside of business, giving back and being involved in the community is another passion of mine. I’m working on a Celebrity Trailers Foundation, which will provide trailers for hurricane relief and the homeless. And finally, with a huge election ahead, we plan to partner with Rock the Vote to tour colleges in Georgia and encourage students to get registered to vote.=

How can someone get started in a business such as yours and are you looking for any interns at the moment?

Find your passion and tap into your resources. I always had an entrepreneur spirit. Before launching Celebrity Trailers, I bought a trailer and pitched it to productions. But one day, there was an account that needed more trailers than I had on hand so I went to Big Boi and asked if he was willing to invest. He said yes, and eventually, one account led to another and another… and the rest is history. I welcome interns who are hard-working and hungry for knowledge. Interested applicants can email

What has been the most rewarding part of what you do?

That’s hard because there are so many rewarding moments. I like the fact that I get to purchase trailers and use them in a cool way. I love that Celebrity Trailers provides jobs and puts money in people’s pockets. And I love getting positive feedback from the talent that stay in the trailers. That’s big time! It’s cool when the talent comes up to us and tell us they love our trailers.

Have you ever had any difficult actors/actresses that you provided a trailer for? 

Difficult? No. But is it inevitable that some people may leave a bigger mess than others? Yes. 

How can readers keep up with you on social media? Websites?

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All images provided by Janice Faison | Featured Image obtained from the official Facebook of Celebrity Trailers

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