Being young and in charge is the new way to seize the day. Every day millennials are challenging the 9 to 5 theory of making a living, and they are taking their own careers by storm. The conventional way of earning a living required that women sacrifice their dreams and focus on just family and home life. The modern-day woman has ditched her apron for a passport, and she is calling the shots all the way around. For Orlando, Florida Native Christianna Hurt following her own path has led to her generating over a six-figure income monthly since the age of 22. Being self-motivated and creating her own lanes has led to many paths of success. No stranger to hard work, Hurt has been working since the age of 15 learning the fundamentals of early success. She says; “You miss every shot you don’t take” which something that she lives by and is one of her favorite quotes by Michael Scott. Living by every word of this quote has been her inspiration to help others create strong sources of income with her guidance.

While others are vastly working to make it to the top this young lady is already moving and seeing the world while doing it, traveling to places like Cabo and Dubai and collecting stamps along the way. Says; “I work smarter and not harder”, something that she feels allows her the freedom to call of the shots in her career. Hurt first got involved in E-Commerce selling makeup products, from there she was quickly on her way to stepping out and creating her own brand. She created her business with is a digital educational platform called; “Wealthy College Kid”, in which she teaches college students things that colleges don’t teach. It’s a platform that she uses to teach students how to create an E-commerce brand, what platforms to use, how to drive traffic and website creation in SEO, and how she was able to generate her first 1.2 million dollars at the age of 22. Through “Wealthy College Kid”, she has been able to duplicate herself, she has created 106 six-figure earners and 568 people in in the last 60 days who are four-figure earners.

Like any business owner, the word sleep was not in her vocabulary. Hurt says: “I had 18-hour days. I worked and went to school both full time”. She began earning her first six figures within seven months of working E-Commerce and at 24 has no plans to stop, she says “It’s really cookie cutter showing people how to balance going to school and being a student and building a brand for yourself because the Motivation for making money for most college students is dropping out of school. However, my goal is to teach balance; that you can do both and be twice as successful and be that success story.” Currently attending University of Central Florida majoring in Communications and Conflict; Christianna is a walking billboard for valuing education, a soon to be first-generation college graduate she is making serious Boss Moves. She says; “I’m getting my degree to be the example to people, that you can work and earn your college degree. That you don’t have to drop out of school to focus on one. I’ll also be the first in my family to graduate from college. No one in my family has ever gone to college.”

How did you get started in E-Commerce marketing?

I signed a lease that I couldn’t afford. The people who were around me were doing CPA marketing and I wanted to just find something that was different, and I choose E-Commerce. Although learning how to be successful at was took some time it changed my life. It was simple, E-Commerce is the electronic process of buying and selling online. In this digital age, everything is online. Learning the Art of E-Commerce can change anyone’s tax bracket. It just takes a little time and skill and you can have it mastered.

How did you come up with “Wealthy College Kid”?

I looked in the mirror and tried to describe myself in three words. After doing E-Commerce for a couple of months and generating over half a million dollars I wanted to start teaching other people as well as showing people it’s not as hard as it seems. I wanted to be able to not only show people that it is possible to be wealthy but be able to teach people that by working hard and getting an education you can be as successful as you want to be. A lot of people want to be wealthy and it can be a distraction while you are in college and earning your degree. With “Wealthy College Kid”, you can not only learn the benefit of balancing, but you can learn the benefit of wealth.    

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in E-Commerce Business?

That you must pay attention to sales tax. As well as understand taxes as a whole. (PLEASE GIVE MORE LESSONS)



All images: Emerson McClain