Getting the clearest skin you can think of can sometimes be a big challenge. For years men and women have bought an enormous amount of skin care products yearning for positive results. While many have found what they needed, some still struggle everyday. With that being said, Urban Skin RX is here to fix all those skin care problems you may face, and they plan to do it in an authentic way. While talking to owners Rachel Roff and Charity Washington, they filled me in on what it takes to get the clear skin people yearn for. They also chatted about their products and what they focus on.

Starting with you Rachel, I read about your extensive background in clinical skincare and I was wowed by it. What moved you to go into skincare?

Growing up, I actually dealt with my own skincare problems. I was very concerned cosmetically about my skin and wanted to do something about it. Being that way, it affected my self-esteem. I always knew and envisioned exactly what I wanted to do and that was to own a medical spa and help people with their skin from a medical point of view. Specializing in more diverse skin and actually producing a skincare line came along later of course.

Charity, what are the things you do as the marketing face behind the brand? Have you always been in the skin care or beauty industry?

I’ve always been into the entertainment industry. I have a fashion degree and had been a stylist for a long time, so image has been a part of my life for a long time since I was 18. With the skincare line, I suffered from acne as well and I was a client of Rachel’s and she reached out to me wanting to help me. With my experience along with that, that’s how we became partners.

How successful has it been competing with other known brands such as Neutrogena, Proactive and more? What do you feel sets your company apart?

I think we’re highly successful when people try it and get our products in their hands. The only hard part is the marketing. These big brands and well-known brands spend a ton of money on marketing their products so people can try it even if they are not great. I think that whenever you do try our products, you can’t help but to fall in love. One thing that also makes us successful is how small we are. We don’t suffer from corporate marketing and have to deal with that. We don’t mean to sound cocky, but we don’t have any competition because we’re in our own lane. Honestly there’s not another skin care line out there that comes from a clinical standpoint. We also try to focus more on all types of skin especially darker skin. Most skincare lines have not reached that point yet.


One product you sale called the Intimate Area Lightening Complex is a shocker for me. Tell me more about it and what it does?

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ This product is used for lightening the bikini line, anal area, nipples, and scrotum. I try to develop more products as they are requested. Also, we currently have products for all areas of the body and there’s a few products I’m working on now as we speak. We have a product for brightening the elbows, stretch marks on your back area and more. So developing these products is what we try to stay focused on so that we don’t have to always refer you to a dermatologist or and OB/GYN.

What are the top products you ladies recommend people keep in their bathroom or in their purses and bags to keep their skin glowing this spring/summer?

Definitely our active daily defense is highly recommended. We have this product in many forms. For example, we have one for when [your skin] gets irritated or how oily the skin gets during the summer. It protects the skin tone so that dark spots don’t get darker and pores don’t get bigger. It’s also sweat and water resistant, which makes it a great product for the season. Also, we can’t forget our best seller, the Even Tone Block. This product is used heavily by our celebrity clients and it’s a product that does well for us. It’s basically a cleanser in a jar with a sponge that has naturally effective skin brightener in it that helps even your skin tone.

Charity Washington and Rachel Roff

Charity Washington and Rachel Roff

What do you feel are some mistakes people make when shopping for skincare products? Do you find yourselves correcting clients a lot on what they purchase?

All the time! I see people order one product and use nothing else on their skin. For example, they get one strong acne cleanser, but they don’t use a moisturizer. They get mad because their skin is getting very dry and that’s when we get the phone calls, and then we educate them. I’ve also seen people order one of our strongest products and nothing changes in their skin because it may be a hormonal issue of some sort. So what we do is a follow up with our clients just to make sure that people are getting the right products and the best results out of them.

Can we expect a storefront for your business? Are you already being sold in retail?

Well this year, we started our wholesale program, which we are slowly reaching out to more people and having more of a sales tact to offer to other medical spas and salons. We have two now, one is Hollywood, Florida and one is in the United Kingdom.