We recently sat down with the founder of Stella Hues, the shoe brand that is known for the classic blue-bottomed soles but what we what we loved the most about Stella is the fact that she is a black female designer that has completely changed the shoe game for better. The New York entrepreneur has taken the industry for a whirl wing in each authentic design in order to promote inclusivity and that is exactly what she has done. Check out this exclusive interview with Stella Hues to find out how she has broken down barriers and made her mark in the world of shoes!

Tell us about yourself, what inspired you to get into the fashion world?

My name is Stella Hues, I am a shoe designer. I actually started as my mom’s assistant in the Virgin Islands. She was a dressmaker all my life so I used to assist her. When I came to New York, one of my friends was a shoe designer and I used to go to his factory and help out. I began sketching and then it just took over from there!

Tell us about your brand.

My brand Stella Hues is mostly based in New York. I started out with what you can say functional shoes because in the beginning, I was an event planner with my friend. I needed shoes that I could stand up in all night. I decided to assist my friend and I told her, “I’m tired of wearing these shoes that are so expensive and hurt my feet.” (laughs) We started with a sample and from there my love for fashion grew. I went back to the basics making boots, pumps, rain boots, anything you can think of, I make them.


Do you think being in this industry has taught you something about yourself that you didn’t know before you began designing shoes?

Yes. It taught me resilience and patience (laughs). The shoe game is not as easy as it looks. From sketch to actually making the shoe is not an easy transition. You could have material in mind and by the time you actually get the material and put it together, it’s not exactly what you pictured in your head so you have to go back to the drawing board. Sometimes when you make the mold, it may not be as good as what you pictured so you definitely have to have patience. You have to have a good support system too. I have an assistant and an intern that help me very well. Once you have the right things, everything becomes second nature.

What do you want people to gain or feel when they wear Stella Hues?

A sense of empowerment. A sense that with these shoes, they can conquer the world. It’s not the type of shoe that you can only wear for an hour cause they look good and after that hour they kill your feet (laughs). In my shoes, you will feel powerful, in my shoes, you can conquer the world.

What goals do you have for the future and what can we expect to see from Stella Hues in the future?

In the future, I plan to dabble a little into the handbag world. I want to get into accessories and expand my brand a little bit more. You are going to definitely see my products in various television shows, movies, and videos so be on the lookout for Stella Hues.

I’m actually making shoes for men as well! I’ve been playing a little bit with products and going to different areas and countries so that I can be a little more cultured so that I am able to produce something different for my men’s line.

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