His name is MAJOR. Yes, you read it correctly. That means, don’t forget to capitalize every letter and accompany it with a period. And if you’re wondering if his name is indicative of his talent, then the answer is yes.

Just like his grandiose name, the multi-faceted talent’s music is just as profound and the world got a taste of it when he recently (Friday, May 20), dropped double single releases across digital platforms, including, “Why I Love You” and “Keep On” on digital outlets, sending chills up fans’ spines with his eccentric blend of sultry, soulful pop music.

Though on opposite sides of the musical spectrums, both tracks deliver poignant lyrics that tap into the human experience—something MAJOR., says is part of his goal to tap into the introspective side of his listeners.

“It’s gone stir up and provoke thought.”

The first track, “Keep On” is an upbeat tempo that is both inspirational and a club banger, encouraging audiences to steer clear of negative naysayers and instead continue progressing towards one’s dreams.

The second track, “Why I Love You” is a slow-mix with the potential to be one those hits to remain in the musical lexicon for years to come. With lyrics like, “I found love in you and I’ve learned to love me too. Never have I felt that I could be all that you see. It’s like our hearts have intertwined,” the track symbolizes the purity of romance and unconditional love.

The distinct sounds of both songs are a testament to MAJOR.’s vocal versatility and his ability to transcend genres and cultural barriers. As a writer, he’s used these talents to help create powerful sounds for some of today’s hottest and diverse talents.

His raw talent coupled with his background in singing gospel music in church as a child, MAJOR.’s collaboration with mega-producer Harmony Samuels, whose resume includes Ariana Grande, Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Fantasia etc., he asserts helped him “dig deep” into himself to create musical classics that fans are bound to enjoy.

“I’m just giving them my heart.” He says discussing his music.

When asked what musical legacy he’s working to achieve, simply put, he said, “I was the one that cared beyond myself to inspire the land.”

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