It’s that time of year again when we start to notice how single (if we are single) we really are. As October passes yet again we are fast approaching “Christmas Season”, in which we totally skip over Thanksgiving and only think about standing under the mistletoe and not being kissed…again.


Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh? But not really. We’d much rather have that seat filled up with someone else. How fun it looks when my girlfriends buy their boyfriends gifts and are shopping for their “special” Christmas night lingerie for lots of fun by the fire.

But then, there is me.

For the past three years, I have been single for the holidays. I go to all of the family dinners and stuff my face with turkey and is constantly bombarded with questions about my nonexistent love life. I have to pause through copious amounts of dressing and apple pie to say, “No, grandma I do not have a boyfriend” and then if that’s not embarrassing enough I have to attend Christmas parties without a boyfriend as well.

So, yes I totally get why you are freaking out (as I currently am) about why you do not have a man for “Christmas Season”.

But…there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Being single for the holidays isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I have recently discovered.

So, right now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I am telling you it’s not the end of the world (almost though) that you’re single for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. There are many positive ways to look at it.

  1. You get to stuff your face at all dinners without having to worry about your date thinking you’re trying to win first place in the next county fair pie eating contest. We all know when we first start dating someone we eat “cute”. Or at least, I do. I find myself not throwing every piece of food I can find at a Christmas party on my plate when I do have a date. So pile those plates high with deviled eggs and stuffed turkey my friends! We can eat whatever in front of everyone else because they’re not looking at us and thinking “dang, my girl eats like three starved horses”. They couldn’t care less.


  1. You get to save money! Well kind of. Since you don’t have a boyfriend that you’re buying expensive gifts for you can either spend that extra money on your mom and dad or put it into your savings account. I will probably not be doing either of those things (just kidding mom). We do tend to spend more money on our significant others and since you are not in a relationship, then you may have some extra funds for Christmas. Therefore, you should get a smoking hot dress for that New Year’s Eve party you’ll be going to.


  1. You don’t have pretend to like his mother’s cooking. This might be my favorite one. I hate having to go to a boyfriend’s family’s house and his mother is a terrible cook. It’s embarrassing for everyone in this situation. Me, because I want his mother to like me and I may end up throwing up her food because it’s terrible; him because he wants his family to like me and it’s not helping the situation at hand when my face is contorted into weird expressions because her food isn’t good and her because she’s embarrassed that she can tell that I hate her cooking.


  1. You can still buy lingerie. Who says you need a boyfriend to raid your nearest Victoria’s Secret? You definitely don’t need a man to put on some sexy underwear and model in front of a mirror. Hello! This is a huge confidence builder. When we feel good about ourselves that tends to show in our daily life and people notice that. Rock that underwear girl.


  1. You get to kiss anyone you want underneath the mistletoe and maybe again on New Year’s Day. How exciting is that? It’s kind of romantic too. Like if you really like a guy at a party and you guys hit it off, start this New Year off with a kiss! We only have one life to live.


Regardless of what you end up doing for the holidays, remember that you are fortunate enough to be alive and were given the opportunity to begin a new year. There is always something to be thankful for!