These two fashionistas need no introduction! 8-year-old, Samaira and her little sister, Samaya have quickly made a name for themselves in the world of fashion. Their love and hard work have caught the eye of many people around the globe including talk show host, Steve Harvey! Check out our exclusive interview with this adorable sister duo!

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Samaira – I’m Samaira and I’m the oldest I’m eight-years-old. I’m quiet, I’m a designer, I love school. Reading and math are my favorite subjects. I also play the violin. I’m in tumbling, martial arts, and kidpreneurs class. Kidpreneur class helps me learn how to save money and it teaches us all about how to get our business started.

Samaya – I’m Samaya and I am seven-years-old. I am a designer and I’m also in the same classes as my sister. I’m the one sibling that they say, “Samaya you do too much!” (laughs). I love making all girls feel beautiful. People try to bully me because of my eczema but mommy always tell me no matter what’s on your skin, you are still beautiful. I also know how to do crochet braids and one day I will be doing hair and designing clothes.

How did your first fashion show in 2017 make you feel?

Our first fashion show was so exciting. It made us feel really good because we were able to show off all the items we made. We had over 13 models and we had so much fun!

What are your favorite colors to work with when you create each fashion piece?

Samaira – My favorite color is purple.

Samaya – My favorite color is pink.

What celebrities inspire you in terms of fashion?

SamairaI love Beyoncé outfits.

SamayaI love Michelle Obama outfits. 

Where do you guys hope to see yourself and your brand in the future?

We wanna be kid celebrity designers. We wanna open up kid boutiques for girls of all ages we are gonna call it, Almost Twins Girls Closet and we also wanna start a non-profit organization to help girls that are being bullied. We wanna take them and give them a makeover to feel beautiful again and we also wanna make a coloring book called bullied to beautiful.

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All images provided by CuSandra Wright