Jasmin Moses, better known as Slim Reshae has proven time after time that she’s a force to be reckonced with within the social world. With the release of new videos every week, it’s clear Slim is all about the hard work and grind to prove she has just what it takes. With that being said, it’s clear to us that she has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. In this exclusive interview, the rising influencer discusses her start, where the name Slim Reshae comes from, her holy grail beauty products, and much more!

Tell us about yourself. Who is the woman in front of the camera?

The face of the brand “Slim Reshae” is Jasmin Moses. Here is a little backstory on the woman in front of the camera. Born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina I was ecstatic to move to the big city of Columbia, SC to attend college. In college, my friends began calling me Slim due to my small yet elongated figure. As a new face in the modelling industry, I had to find a way to differentiate myself from every other “Slim” in the book. Henceforth, I took on the pseudonym Slim Reshae via Instagram. I have since grown my audience on my social media platforms and take pride in being an ambitious creative. In addition to creating beauty and lifestyle related content, I pride myself in the woman I am becoming. It is heart-warming to have my supporters join me during this journey called life and I am excited to continue to grow together.

What is something most of your subscribers don’t know about you?

One thing my subscribers may not know about me is that I am not a natural hair connoisseur. Unlike most natural hair influencers, I do not go as far as to researching the ingredients that are included in a product, masking my hair every week, and things of the like. Natural hair takes a lot of work, and I’d rather just stick to the basics when it comes to my natural hair.

Did you think your channel would pop off the way it has? What was your reaction when you saw the amount of views and subscribers you were receiving?

I have always believed that I was destined for big things, even though I may be unsure of what these “big things” may encompass. When my channel picked up, I was amazed and excited. At that point, I knew for sure that I could do this. If we can get 100K views, we can get 1 million views, and so on and so forth. As my subscriber count grew, I kept setting new goals and now we are on the road to 100K subscribers!

SHEEN Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern-Day Woman. Do you mind sharing your holy grail products?

As a modern-day woman, my holy grail products are all things Fenty Beauty (especially their Hydrating Pro Filt’r Foundation, Sun Stalk’r Bronzer and Gloss Bomb), Morphe Brushes Continuous Setting Spray, and L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara. We are all about that glow and Fenty Beauty has yet to disappoint.

What do you hope to accomplish in the years to come personally and in your career as an influencer?

My goal is to foster positivity through creative outlets and social media platforms. I hope to continue sharing valuable techniques that make beauty and lifestyle wants achievable. During my career as an influencer, I would love to travel and spread knowledge to young people about how to promote positivity in their lives. My mission is to motivate people to love themselves in their purest form and know that they are beautiful all by themselves. I also try to answer questions that most people don’t want to share about the basics of being an entrepreneur, how to be successful on social media, etc.

photo by Leslie Latrice

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All images provided by Jasmin Moses