Bo Talley, renowned for her ageless beauty & signature silver hair, has definitely made a splash on the social media scene recently. But perhaps a little less known about her is her entrepreneurial spirit, her deep love for her children & husband, & her strong advocacy for women. Talley is a woman with healthy values who finds strength in her private life with friends and family, & a woman who slays both in business and appearance.

Talley has always been an athlete. Track, basketball, cheerleading, she did it all in high school. But after the birth of her last child she found she had gained 60 lbs. “Lethargic & busy, the weight stuck with me until I received a Donna Richardson VHS doing air aerobics. She helped me get my happy back.” she expounded, “If I ever meet Dona Richardson I’m going to tell her that.”

Little did she know that this very event would be the catalyst for a career in the public eye. Soon after, Talley found herself hosting fitness parties for friends who were inspired by her weight loss & newfound commitment to fitness. From this sprung videos on social media to help keep women inspired, motivated, & feeling empowered. “I wanted women to feel like they could take back their bodies. That they could repossess themselves & love what they see.” Then there was that one fateful post, where someone claiming to know her age declared her to be a winner amongst ageless beauties, that started a social media frenzy that greatly helped to contribute to a movement of health amongst women of color.


“I never expected any of this. I didn’t even know it was happening for the first few days it was happening,” she says.

Talley, however, never needed the social media notoriety to inspire her to inspire others. Her entertainment company Blaq Pearl Entertainment will be hosting Balling For Lupus Part 3 July 23, 2016 At Alonzo Crim High School, a charity Celebrity Basketball Game. Inspired by the death of her aunt who suffered from Lupus, Talley sought to make a difference in the lives of others affected by the disease. She also saw a great opportunity to bring women together.

“For this event, I’m bringing together some wonderful, notable women all with great energy and excitement for the cause. I love bringing women together. Bringing women together is beautiful,” she says.

Noteable indeed; the list includes names like Towanda Braxton, Plenette Pierson, & Odyssey Sims – the latter two being from the WNBA – just to name a few. And while staying as busy as she does planning events like this & the upcoming Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez Birthday Celebration, she still keeps health and fitness at the forefront of her priorities.

When asked about the advice she’d give a stay at home mom or empty nester, she had this to say, “Go slow, especially if you’ve never been in shape before. Learn your body, take note of the things you eat & adjust accordingly. I strongly suggest going to get an allergy test, I did & it greatly helped me with my diet. But, most importantly, go slow. You will be mad at yourself if you rush because you’ll want instant results. That’s not how it happens,” she says.

Great advice!

For more information on Bo Talley & Blaq Pearl Entertainment’s upcoming events visit, IG @iammsbotalley, @ballingforlupus and @blaqpearlent