Spa week is in full swing as April 17th-23rd is right around the corner. Founded in 2014 by Cheryl Reid, the biannual event is back and millions of consumers are ready to utilize the $50 full service treatments. The event takes place every spring and fall at over 9,000 spa and wellness locations across North America!

Services normally priced anywhere from $100 to $500 will be available for just $50. You’ll be able to enjoy relaxing treatments from salt therapy that detoxify the respiratory system to standing in a 160-degree chamber that improves circulation! Here are some of the top recommendations for Spa Week’s Spring 2017 event.


Get Salty – This is a natural treatment designed to help purify your skin, clean your lungs and help whine down stress. In the therapy room you will be surrounded by seven tons of Dead Sea salt. As you meditate and breathe in the vapors, the ions will draw out the pollution, infections, and toxins in your body.

Freezer Friendly– This artic treatment uses cryosticks during the massage to remove tension, promote rapid healing, and reduce the inflammation of muscles and joints. Plus, you’ll join the likes of World Champion Lebron James!

Micro-Needling Treatment– A chilling facial that concentrates on rejuvenating your skin with small icy blasts that will increase collagen production and erase wrinkles.

Face-less Facials– Yes, you guessed it. This sculpting treatment starts off with an exfoliating scrub to your backside. The treatment then employs small zaps of micro currents to your butt and upper-thighs to sculpt and lift your rear. For you gym lovers, this would give a familiar effect as if you just finished a workout of squats.

Escape from the Man Cave– This one is for the fellas. The Bearded Boss Man’s Facial is a treatment that tends to your beard. A series of soothing massages while the hair is thoroughly cleansed and the skin is exfoliated and moisturized.

Entering the Gemisphere– This is a modern day treatment that incorporates crystals to ward off negative energy and promote healing and relaxation. This body massage utilizes the ability of gemstone as an infused oil to block and reduce pain.



You may purchase your Spa & Wellness gift card online at Booking begins March 20th and gift cards are available at over 60,000 retail stores including Walmart, Target, and CVS. You may load your gift card with amounts ranging from $10-$500. Purchase yours today and enjoy getting the best healthy pampering!