Taylor Deathridge always had a passion for beauty and discovered her calling of doing hair at a very young age. While enrolled at Spelman College majoring in economics, the salon owner was on her grind, doing hair, and managing a hair product boutique. Next was achieving her ultimate goal after graduation: opening up her own business.

Taylord Styles Beauty Loft was birthed and since then has been operating as a full-service salon for hair, lashes, makeup, and nails, with the best professionals in the industry. It took a lot of faith and hard work for Deathridge to open up her own salon, which she also has celebrity clients. In an exclusive interview with me, the entrepreneur talks more about discovering her passion and experiences as a hair stylist.

What led to the launch of Taylor Styles Beauty Loft?

Ever since I began my journey in this industry, I knew I wanted to own my own shop. I loved doing hair but even greater than that, I love all things beauty. I was doing well in my own suite for over years and started to get bored and uninspired being by myself and focusing on just hair. So, I decided to jump out on faith and go for my overall dream of a full service, open concept beauty salon that offers everything pertaining to beauty and encourages inspiration on new trends in our industry.

What celebrities have you had the pleasure of styling hair for?

I actually haven’t styled any celebrities personally, but we have provided hair for Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Ayana and Wildin’ Out girl Jacky Oh.  We are definitely open to working with more celebrities!

Why did you decide to become a hair stylist?

I’ve always had a natural talent with hair. My mom is pretty good with hair as well and I kind of watched her doing different styles growing up. She always took me to get my hair done every 2 weeks at the salon and from being there so much I just developed a love for the craft and the environment.

How do you suggest women find the best style or cut for their face?

My suggestion is to try it all! What other way would you know that you don’t like something? You may not like it on another person but it may be BOMB on you! I don’t play by “the rules.” There is no blueprint defining beauty on facial features when it comes to creativity and that’s what hair styling is…a creative expression.

What are some popular hairstyles trending right now for women this Fall?

Everything comes full circle with different trends. In my opinion, the 90s trends are what’s hot right now. Crimps, exaggerated baby hair, braided front styles, everything you would see on your favorite 90s movie.

What is one thing you notice women do wrong with their hair?

The most common thing I see is women doing the same thing over and over with their hair. For example, keeping a sew in weave back to back to back. That is not good for your hair after a given amount of time because of the repetitive placement of certain braids or tension. Switch it up not just for style and versatility purposes but also so that your hair doesn’t break in repeated tense areas.

What keeps you motivated to do what you love?

My true love for beauty and women’s empowerment is what keeps me motivated. I am truly a girly girl. I feel the need to offer a glamorous space for women to feel beautiful and to network with each other to build each other up in a world that doesn’t. Girl power!

What success tips do you have for upcoming hair professionals?

I’m still trying to master the recipe for success myself. However, my advice to those in the hair profession is to also spend time learning the business side to this industry. This is a billion-dollar industry. So many hair stylists work for themselves but are not optimizing their income because they don’t understand the business and professional side. Read books, watch success stories, follow your favorite salon owner on social media. Invest in that side just as much as the creative side.

What’s next for you?

My next goal after this location is running smoothly on all levels is to expand and open more locations across the country. I want to also spend more time on my personal brand and teach young women how to do what I’m doing. I want to teach the reality of what it’s like to start a startup business without already being known or having an established personal brand. I just want to empower young women coming after me to do all that they can.

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