To know her, to feel her struggle and to see her rise is to simply love her. Stacii Jae Johnson is the true epitome of a strong willed woman. After experiencing a downfall while working with the Mayor of Atlanta, Stacii made it a mission to keep her good name glowing and to show people that she is still the same Stacii we love and adore.

I had the pleasure of attending her premiere party at Time Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta for her new show From The Bottom Up. The show follows 5 women who had it all and lost it at the hands of the federal law. Now, these women must do all they can to redeem their names and show the world that they are who they say they are.

At the event, many people came out to support Stacii and show her that they still love her unconditionally. The evening included a hot green carpet for celeb photos, a book signing and of course the viewing of the show. The book that Stacii Jae is promoting is titled “Date Girl: 143 Reasons why Women should Date Multiple Men.” Stacii Jae states that a profound rule and quote from her book is “You date three to get to your one.” Now of course she states that she’s not saying date multiple men all your life, but just have some fish in the sea to choose from (laughs).

Be on the look for an interview with Stacii Jae Johnson coming soon. Don’t forget to check out From The Bottom Up Saturdays on BET/Centric TV and 9pm/10pm CST.