Graduate of Benedict College, Christopher Green has made it his personal mission to bring awareness to mental health, bullying, and depression. Green is the founder of Open Mind Mentoring, which is a non-profit organization that offers a mentorship to the youth in order to be the positive influence in their lives. Through the many events Christopher has organized, he has been successful in motivating the lives of many! We sat down with Christopher Green who shares the importance of bringing awareness to these issues and how you can be apart of the movement as well.

Can you tell us about “Stand Up, Speak Out Against Bullying”?

I work with our young people everyday and several of them experience some form of bullying which essentially can lead to violence and/or depression. In light of recent events throughout the United States, I felt compelled to bring awareness to our community. This is a movement to assist in becoming proactive rather than always being reactive. Even though we haven’t had any severe situations that have been covered in the media, it still happens. There are other community leaders on board and prayerfully we can make a positive impact within our city and overall community.

Why have you made it your personal mission to help the youth?

I have personal experiences with emotional abuse. It wasn’t fun for me, it’s not a feeling that I want others to deal with. Growing up, I was bullied and it caused me to shut down and not want to be around others. I was too afraid to share that part of my life with anyone because for fear of lack of support. As an adult, I felt the need to pay it forward with our youth and provide support where needed.

Why do you believe in the importance of bringing awareness to issues such as, mental health, bullying, depression, etc?

Simply because we typically fear the unknown. We stay away from these topics because we are unaware. If we have knowledge, we can begin to make positive strides to see a decline in these cases. Like G.I. Joe said, “knowing is half the battle.”

Can you tell us about any future projects you may have?

Yes, in July, we will host our annual Boys with Bowties, Girls with Pearls Luncheon, which will also focus on some of these same topics along with peer pressure.

How can our readers help and/or donate you in your mission?

We are currently working on a website but we can be reached at or 803-378-6556

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