The holiday weekend is here and many travel lovers are making plans out of town. However, this year you decided to stay in the comforts of your own home. That is still a vacation in itself because that is what I like to call a “staycation”. That’s when you stay in the town where you live but staying home does not mean you have to stay in. No matter your location there are always new things to discover where you are.

Here are a few ideas for a Staycation Weekend Rendezvous for this 4th of July Weekend!

The best part is you can have a great experience within in minutes.

Top 5 Staycation Weekend Rendezvous Ideas:

  1. Go to a Show – Look into local artists in your area and catch a show. You never know today’s local may be tomorrow’s superstar.
  2. Check-out Downtown– Take a stroll downtown to see what businesses and restaurants are open.
  3. Spa Day – There is no better way to unwind than a relaxing trip to your local day spa. Treat yourself to that massage or mani/pedi you’ve been wanting.
  4. NetFlix Party– Host a social gathering for family and friends to watch your favorite Netflix shows.
  5. A Trip to the Gallery – Check out an art exhibit for a new sense of culture for where you are.

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