Make a scene and strike a pose with these four fashion staples!

Most people have heard of a “man cave,” it’s where guys go to relax and have fun with their boys. In some ways yes, it’s a man’s world, but women have taken the reins in the last couple of decades. Women have been accepted into office more and have higher salaries than men. Women are always taking care of everybody, why not spend on themselves and feel good about themselves in the process? Women know what they want. You can tell by a woman’s wardrobe how they feel and how they express themselves. Here are the four must-have items to have in any woman’s dream closet.


Nothing says work like a blazer! It’s basically a business suit for women. Throw it on with pants, a skirt, or a nice shirt and you will get that professional look in no time at all. Get a step up and blaze trails without a horse with the staple blazer look.

Baby Doll Dresses

Nobody puts baby in the corner, especially with this dress. Baby doll dresses can be worn in winter, summer, and fall. No matter your occupation, they won’t give you aggravation and they are comfortable.


Guys need their cars and women need their handbags. Handbags complete a look, but shouldn’t take over the outfit in its entirety. They shouldn’t be the principle yet they should be present in class. Across the body or on the shoulder, they will stay put if the shoe fits.


Shoes will take you anywhere, whether it’s around the block, or all over the world. Flat, pointy, dressy, or thick shoes have a job to do based on the way you use them. They don’t take a back seat and they’re always moving you forward. It’s up to you if you want to move back and change your outfit.


Your closet is what you put in it. Make it worth your while by wearing clothes that make you the pop star and the not the backup dancer.