Do you feel different? Not as in strange or odd, but gifted. You know there’s something deep within you, just waiting to break out, and that it’s always been part of who you are. But while lying awake at night, do you often worry that this part of you, your gifting, will never fully surface, that you will never be able to fully cultivate the passion you feel burning inside of you? Well, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are stories, similar to yours, where individuals took hold of what they knew they had to do in order to live fully realized lives. Still, the task can seem daunting, stepping into the unknown, and maybe your reluctance to do so is based around the uncertainty of how exactly to go about taking that first step.

Africa Miranda’s new book Step Up, Step Out, and Shine not only supplies you with the first step but is ultimately a guiding light through the entire process.

During our interview, Miranda explained to me, “The great thing about the book is that by stepping up, stepping out, and shining, everything is literally broken down into three sections since those are the three different phases of the process.” She then filled me in, laying out the basic premise for each step.

  1. Stepping up, “…is about recognizing that there is more and then making the decision to start taking the small steps. It can be something as simple as knowing that you want a different career path and saying okay, I’m dedicating a half hour of my lunch break for research so I can be using this time to get out of a situation I don’t want to be in.”
  2. Stepping out, “…occurs after you’ve started the initial process, where you start doing the work and putting yourself out there for opportunities. Everyone looks at these big global opportunities. They want to be on the main stage. But did they look into their community to see if there are smaller local events that can help hone their craft, to make sure that they’re ready?”
  3. Shining, “…is the manifestation of stepping up and stepping out, where you are living the life that looks like the life you wanted. It’s not saying that things are perfect. I don’t try to sell anyone perfection. I don’t have perfection in my own life. Failure is inevitable, rejection is inevitable, but with this book, you have the steps to pick yourself up and keep going.”

Miranda’s life entirely aligns with the message of the book.

However, it wasn’t always this way.

“I realized I was living a life where I was honestly just existing, being very reactive instead of proactive.”

It was hard for me to imagine Miranda as anything other than the joyful, humorous, and life-giving voice filling my ears.

Aside from being an author, she is the host of the Africa Miranda Show, the founder of luxury skin and body care company Beauty By Africa Miranda, and an actress and model who has worked with the likes of Mary Kay and Macy’s. To say she is accomplished is truly an understatement.

I asked her which profession she enjoyed most. She laughed, “I love them all for different reasons. It ties in with this life equation I talk about in the book. Passion+Purpose=Profit. If I’m passionate about something, but it isn’t in line with my purpose, what I’ve been called to do, then it’s probably just a good hobby. The beautiful thing is that all the things I do are all part of my passion and purpose.”

Over the next few months, mark your calendars, as Miranda will be promoting her message with a book tour across the United States. She’ll be in Atlanta today, Chicago on the seventeenth, DC on the twenty-sixth, and then Houston and Los Angeles in early November. And if you feel as if you’ve already missed or failed at your shot to Step Up, Step Out, and Shine remember there is hope. In the words of Miranda, “If you shift your mindset and realize that one, failure absolutely is a part of life, but it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. One the quotes I love in the book is, ‘I have failed, but I am not a failure.’ You have to ask yourself about what you can learn from it.”

Wonderful wisdom indeed.



Featured Image: Derek White