Stephanie Armstrong a native of Winnsboro, South Carolina has had major success in the hair industry! Her business Caveman Haircuts is a full-service operation for men. Now we know ladies its always about us when it comes to looking fly and keeping up with the latest fashion, however, men do deserve the opportunity to shine and be pampered as well, so Armstrong is doing just that by opening the door for men to enjoy a little “me” time away from the busy work weeks.

“Caveman Haircuts is something I started for men to let them know that it’s ok to pamper yourself. Men have the right to feel just as special as women after leaving the salon. Caveman Haircuts Brand is a sign of strength. Cavemen often live in the wild and are known to be rough, tough and just what they are… survivors. We help them overcome being shy and help them relax.” –Stephanie Armstrong

Men are taking more pride in how they look these days, from hair weaves, to beard gang groups, and to even stepping out with some of the trendiest creative fashions! So what says trendy like a salon where you can get a wax, haircut and so much more!

What inspired you to start your business?

My love for helping people feel good about their appearance. Believe it or not, men are more ashamed of how they look than women. Maybe it’s the way they dress or a haircut. I knew I could change the way they look at themselves by just something as simple as a haircut. Pampering yourself is not just for women. I want every man to know that it’s ok to love yourself.

What services do you offer men to get pampered while there?

Caveman Haircuts is a full-service salon for men.  We offer Haircuts, waxing, color perms, relaxers, facials, and upper back massages.

What has been your greatest success in this line of work?

I would say my clients had made me who I am today. I am their everything and they are mines. We laugh joke and just enjoy each other.

What’s next for you in business?

We are growing so fast! I can only imagine what the future holds! We are planning on expanding. Caveman #2 coming soon!

What do you love about helping men feel amazing after they leave your salon?

The looks on their face when I give them the mirror is breathtaking. To hear them say, “I am a new man all because of you!” At that point I know I served my purpose!


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All images provided by Stephanie Armstrong