Have you had the opportunity to come in contact with the amazing Steve Carter?!

Steve has always believed that dedication plus commitment equaled success! As a graduate of the prestigious college Howard University, Steve went on to do incredible things in the business sector.

He’s always excelled at whatever he put his hands to due to the fact that he knows nothing in life is given to you! “You must work for it!”

Steve Carter is definitely a household name in the network marketing world! He goes on to create and build a multi-million dollar networking business. And because of his hard work and dedication, he’s also been able to create more businesses while helping others create theirs! That’s what real leadership is about anyway! Real leadership is when you reach back and show your team how to do what you and even better.

Steve teaches and trains around the world. He’s had the opportunity to be on stage with some of the best in the field, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, just to Name a few.

“Although I’ve been abundantly blessed to achieve amazing success in business, I know that this is only the beginning, and I hope to impact the world on a much bigger level,” says Steve.

Steve is husband to Pasha, and Dad to four amazing children. He and his family reside in Texas.

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All images by Carter Photography