Brandi Harvey, along with her twin sister Karli Harvey-Raymond, hosted the Image Awareness seminar at the Disney Dreamers Academy. In the words of Brandi, this year’s dreamer girls were the most “gangsta” group that has attended the Style 101 symposia. To kick off the interactive session, Brandi took center stage and was flanked by several dreamer girls, aptly dubbed the Fashion Police; while newly expectant mother Karli worked the crowd.


Brandi Harvey on stage with the Dreamer Fashion Police.

During the seminar, the dreamers were shown several pictures of celebrities on two screens next to the stage. Dreamer girls held paddles with a smiling and a frowning emoji face on either side to vote on whether the ensemble they saw should be considered hot or hmm.


Zendaya Coleman wears a Sandro Paris Viva Pinstripe Tuxedo Jacket and Sandro Paris Paddy Pinstripe Wool Trousers with Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps.

The picture of actress and singer Zendaya Coleman created a spirited conversation among the adolescents, Fashion Police member K’deja Correa adored the outfit, “I love Zendaya; she is tall, and she does not shy away from wearing heels. Even though she is wearing a suit she picked a heel that had a pop of color, it is simple, but it adds to the whole silhouette.” Brandi agreed with her and added, “Her look is hot, it is youthful, fun and it makes you look stylish.”

However, other dreamers did not share the same sentiment. One participant felt that her hair needed to be a bit more girlish to accentuate her feminine side even though she is wearing a suit. Another dreamer felt that she did not need to be so masculine to be a businesswoman, “We as [young] women need to stress that you can dress up in a skirt and run a business.” The discussion continued as a third teen felt that women should wear whatever they prefer and to defy the stereotype that women should only wear skirts and dresses. As co-host of the summit, Karli lightened the mood, “Ok women rights and equal pay. We just want you to wear an appropriate length of skirt, but if you choose to wear trousers or pants that is up to you, as long as you look professional and that you are dressing for the job that you are going [after].”


Kylie Jenner wears a zip-up, black crop top with a high-waisted, asymmetrical black skirt paired with black, mid-calf open-toe cages boots.

Before the image of Kylie flashed on the screens, the students were instructed to read a quote aloud in unison, “You are addressed by the way you are dressed.” Brandi posed the question to the young fashionistas if they would wear an outfit like Kylie Jenner’s to a social function at their school? The dreamers could not come to a consensus on the verdict, so Fashion Police pundit Kennedy provided her insight. She thought the look was inappropriate for a school event because Kylie’s attire highlights and reveals her legs and stomach; Kennedy felt the outfit was more suitable for a club.


Kendall Jenner in a bejeweled floor length Fausto Puglisi gown, showcasing two prominent slits that proceed past her pelvic bones.

When the picture of Kendall Jenner flashed onscreen, a collective groan could be heard throughout the audience. Two audience members felt that the dress was unseemly because she could not sit down and cross her legs. One of the dreamers even asserted, “She is also a teen, this [outfit] is not cute.”

Brandi advised her pupils, “Please do not show up to any of your school’s with a dress or splits with all your grace and mercy hanging out [because] someone might think less of you. But if you show up covered up, ready, looking empowered, you are going to empower some folks, by the way, you are dressed.”


Zendaya Coleman wears a light champagne Cap-sleeves Sweetheart A line floor length tulle evening dress with pleats and beads.

Brandi asked the crowd if they would wear this particular dress to their prom. Most of the dreamer girls were hesitant to say yes or no; some thought it was hot like Disney Dreamer K’deja stated, “I love me some Zendaya and even though it is age appropriate, I feel that she is selling herself short. She’s not entering the room; she is sliding through the back.” Other members of the Disney fashion police felt that she looked young, flirty and cute. Karli drove the style lesson home by interjecting, “Your parents want you to look angelic, they do not want you to look like Lil’ Kim or Nicki Minaj.”

Many dreamer girls held steadfast on their feelings about the dress. Brandi explained to them why this dress would be appropriate for them to wear, “This may not be your prom look, it may not fit your style profile. However, we pulled this because of the silhouette of the dress. She is fully covered, [the dress] cinches at the waist, and it gives you a nice little flow. She is going to flow into the room looking very beautiful and graceful, and that is how we want you to show up at prom, looking your best self, looking graceful, looking elegant. You want to look back at your pictures and say wow I loved that dress; I loved how I looked. You don’t want to look back at your pictures and say ooh Jesus, what was I thinking, I was wrong for that.” To conclude the first part of the summit, Brandi left the girls with this nugget of wisdom, “Always leave the house dressed like you are going to meet the president. If you left the house and you could not shake [the President and the First Lady’s] hand, then you need to rethink your outfit.”

In the final segment of the Style 101, Brandi and Karli decided to bring the looks they discussed to life and chose three dreamer girls to demonstrate their style makeover. Selena Carrillo, who is healing from anorexia and seeks to be a role model for your young girls, Victoria Childs, who has conquered bullying and is an advocate for Crohn’s Disease, an ailment she suffers from, and N’Naserri Carew-Johnson, an aspiring actress who has overcome discrimination and feeling like an outsider.

Brandi called all the girls to the stage to model their new looks and asked the girls how they felt sporting their new stylish ensembles. N’Naserri said, “I feel great. I usually go for more a neutral or darker look with a bold lip. [But] it’s fun to doing something more festive and colorful.” Victoria adored her boho chic look, “I don’t get the chance to dress up, and I usually dress in t-shirts and jeans, so to be able to put on something that makes me feel beautiful, sassy, and fun really gives me the boost that I needed.” Selena strutted down the runway, with the style and sophistication of her idol, Jennifer Lopez. Selena exclaimed that she would like to wear the dress to her prom next month. Brandi and Karli ended the assembly on a high note by allowing the girls to keep their clothes and accessories. Brandi relayed the important message to all the Dreamers, “You can look good on a budget.”


(l-r) Selena Carrillo, Victoria Childs, host Karli Harvey-Raymond, and N’Naserri Carew-Johnson. Photo Credit: Gregg Newton

Deets on the outfits worn by the Dreamer Girls:

N’Naserri’s Outfit

Dress JCPenny $37.00

Faux leather jacket Rue 21 for-$26.99


Purse Steve Harvey Women’s Collection-Free

Look total $68.99

Victoria’s Outfit


Hat Wet Seal-$19.99


Shoes Wet Seal Fringe booties-$34.90


Total $78.69

Selena’s outfit Dress-$44.99




Total $104.97