Sometimes we get stuck in our dreams and can’t figure out how to get to the next step.

We had the opportunity to sit down with HGTV star Page Turner to discuss how she found herself stuck in inspiration and broke through, executing her dreams.

Before becoming a star on HGTV, Page was a single mother with limited help. She lived with her good friend, and along with her tribe started to build the foundation of her success story.

When asked about her biggest inspirations Page explained, “My three beautiful daughters. They have been my core and source of strength and have been on this life journey with me since before I even knew who I was. So I work and fight so that when I see them win, I win.”

Her breakthrough opportunity came after a simple reply to an email through the African American Realtor network. In particular, the email expressed how a television network was on the lookout for “couples” for a new show, in which the husband would be the builder/contractor and the wife the designer.

Not long after, Page woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea. With over 15 years of real estate and brokerage experience flipping houses seemed like the next natural state to her journey.

“My idea wasn’t anything the production company/network was looking for, but I thought I would shoot my shot!  So I wrote a short treatment about my ex-boyfriend (DeRon Jenkins-who is a contractor) and how we “worked well together,” but just didn’t “work well “together.”

After responding to the email with her idea, Page heard back from the production company the very next day. They fell in love with the pair, and now Turner and Jenkins are in their second season of Flip or Flop Nashville, currently airing in over 10 million homes.

We asked her, how do you stay on course while managing your vision?

“My biggest challenge in business has been managing the vision of my companies. While I thrive in BIG VISION, BIG VISION also comes with a lot of weight (to whom much is given, much is required (expected) – Luke 12:48),” said Page.

She went on to explain how clarity, balance, and prayer all keys to her success, while also providing her with endurance. There’s always the possibility of “burning out,” overworking oneself, but Page knows that as long as she sticks to the aforementioned, foundational stops to her success, she will continue to thrive.

Although Page and Jenkins still reportedly experience relationship issues, this has not stopped them from flipping houses together and continuing as co-stars on the show. The real estate gurus are the epitome of how to maintain a business together, even in spite of a breakup, which makes for some incredible TV! In fact, they have a positive working relationship where they build homes while making money together.

Tackling a competitive market like Nashville, the two have their hands full taking on homes that are older and unattractive for the most part. But Page is determined to turn these modest properties into hot commodities that are profitable. Now, this is #BlackGirlMagic at its finest!

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